Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
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A patch that aims to fix bugs and problems that is present with the PC ports.

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"Fine. I will do it myself."


This mod aims to fix problems, crashes, and bugs that are present within the PC Ports of all legacy-class KH games.
This patch in particular is made for Kingdom Hearts I - Global Edition.


This patch is to be constantly updated. Please look out for the updates and apply them accordingly.
Backup your EXE. I am not responsible for corrupted EXEs.


Currently, this mod does the following:

  • Crashes:
- Shutdown Hang has been fixed. The game no longer hangs
  whilst trying to quit the game with Alt+F4.
- OBS Resize Crash has been fixed. The game no longer crashes
  upon resizing/moving the window whilst OBS is attached to KH
  in Game Caputre Mode [Windowed Only]

  • Bugs:
- Cutscene Skip bug has been addressed. You can now skip
  cutscenes regardless if they faded in fully or not.
- Cutscenes have been unlocked to play in 60FPS, 30FPS mode
          remains unaffected.

  • Adjustments:
- Shutdown dialog will no longer be shown
  [Fixes the Shutdown Hang.]
- Aspect Ratio Correction will now be done when fullscreen.
  [Supported Ratios: 32:9, 21:9, 16:10, 16:9, 4:3]
- The path of the config file was altered. It can now be adjusted
  independently from the rest of the games. [config_kh1.dat]
- The lowest value in all VFX sliders will now mute said VFX
  channel completely.


Patch your game [KINGDOM HEARTS FINAL MIX.exe] with RomPatcher.JS or any other BPS patcher program.


If you like my work, and want to see more of it, do consider supporting me on Patreon:


  • Svenchu for providing necessary values for 32:9 support.
  • denhonator for providing addresses to Cutscene Fade values and VFX Sliders.