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MOD REQUEST KH2 Camera for KH1

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I always felt the KH1 camera was way too zoomed in and made it pretty annoying to play the game. I have been seeing that there has been KH1 camera mods for the other games coming out recently but I feel this game would be heavily improved with the better camera of the other games. It would be great to have a better combat lock on cam like KH2 and the newer games.


  1. disrook
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    it would be amazing to see this
  2. addisonswim
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    It's possible but it's a ton of work to do. The KH1 fast camera mod is pretty good though. Basically the camera collision is an issue and so you would have to tweak certain rooms to work with it.
    1. totalgamer64
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      Ahhh interesting, I would love to see this happen so I hope someone would be up to the task.
  3. NeoPyre01
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    I'd like to say I'd also love this to be added. The simplest yet most game changing patch you could want. Hopefully this gets some traction :)