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Changes all of Sora's forms to a version of Roxas! Inspired by the Playable Ventus mod by Dasmantissimo and the Playable Roxas mod by belovedSomnus.

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Changes all of Sora's forms to a version of Roxas! Inspired by the Playable Ventus mod by Dasmantissimo and the Playable Roxas mod by belovedSomnus.

The "Quick Polish Update" AKA The "NO MORE LONG SLEEVES" Update

Sorry it took me so long to get to updating this, I realize that it's been long overdue and I apologize for that. 

-Fixed the issues with the Coat Models having longer sleeves on (mostly) custom animations. 
- The legs for the Coat Models have now been fixed (no more paper thighs!!)
-Fixed an issue with my Custom Skeletons that caused certain attacks to not land correctly when using specific models (all is well, now... hopefully)

If there's anything I missed regarding the above please let me know!

-KH2 Sora is now Roxas in his Organization XIII Coat
-KH3 Sora is now Roxas in his regular clothes (with formchanges, too!)
-Toy Sora is now Toy Roxas
-Monster Sora is now Monster Roxas
-"Visor" Sora is now "Visor" Roxas
-Pirate Sora is now Pirate Roxas
Quadratum Sora is now Hooded Roxas

-All replaced models have now been given SQEX's Bonamik Physics System. (excluding the Roxas NPC replacement).
-Added extra details/shading to the eyes that weren't there previously for all replaced models. (excluding the Roxas NPC replacement).
-Final World Sora has now been replaced. However, the materials may not function correctly.
-Final World Sora Clones have now been replaced.
-Added extra pieces to Monster Roxas, as well as fixed issues with some of his body parts "turning into paper".
-Added extra pieces to Pirate Roxas.

-Roxas is now KH2 Sora

-Added an optional file that puts Oblivion and Oathkeeper in the same hands as Roxas when using Double Form.
-Added an optional file that keeps KH3 Sora as Coat Roxas.
-Added an optional file that replaces KH3 Sora with Hooded Roxas.

-Sora's name has been changed to Roxas
-Roxas' name has been changed to Sora

If you have any issues, bugs, questions, suggestions, etc. please let me know!
To install: simply extract the .zip folder and put the "pak" file in your ~mods folder.

Thank you so much for your support!

Kingdom Hearts III Model Swapping Guide by Richy5
Texture Replacement Tutorial by Jakeθ7102
Blender To UE4 Tutorial by Lightfinder626
State Of Decay 2 (SoD2) Editor
millioti and DiamondHuntet for their help with "Skeleton Compatibility"
Lightfinder626 for saving my arse with getting set up for Formchange Textures
The OpenKH Discord Community

Roxas Voice Mod by Skculd
Moveset no. 13 by forever756
Days Roxas Inspired Moveset by Kurasanick
Illustrated Portraits by Dasmantissimo (specifically the Roxas portraits)