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Adds a unique "damage floor" to nearly every enemy/boss in the game, eliminating chip damage. Intended for those who like a more fast-paced, yet still challenging Level 1 run. No changes to Limit Cut/Secret Episode.

Permissions and credits
In the spirit of KH2FM and the ReMind Superbosses, this mod sets a minimum amount of damage you can do to enemies, regardless of your strength (if you are above the strength threshold, you won't see a difference in your damage output). This "damage floor" is set on a per-enemy basis, the end goal being that nothing dies too quickly, nor takes excruciatingly long.

This mod will work on your existing save files without issue.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged. With over 150 enemies to account for, I've assuredly made some mistakes and bad decisions. If you notice anything that seems off, please let me know.


To install, just drop the .pak file into the following directory:
...\EpicGames\KH_3\KINGDOM HEARTS III\Content\Paks\~mods

If you don't already have a ~mods folder, simply create one in the Paks folder. It must include the tilde (~) or it won't work.