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Play as Aqua from Beginning to End! She has all the tools necessary to complete the game and more!

Permissions and credits
Play the game as Aqua, who has been given access to flow motion, air-stepping, links, team attacks, wall-running, swimming and some extras!

  • Aqua, playable in all main worlds. (excludes Pooh World)
  • Custom flow-motion, air-stepping, and other movement animations.
  • Custom team attack, attraction and link animations.
  • Swapped some Sora voice lines for Aqua's.
  • Rage Form Anti-Aqua!*
  • And probably some extras :)
A truly Playable Aqua has been missing from the Nexus for too long. I've wanted to play KH3 as Aqua since the PC version was released and got very impatient, so I figured I had to learn how to mod KH3! This mod is the result of hundreds of hours of work, learning, and caffeine-fueled nights. I hope you all enjoy her as much as I do!

*some users get a ParticleSystem fatal error on load, use the alternate version to remove Rage Form and the crash until I can try to figure out the issue.

Some notes for your playthroughs: (Known bugs at the bottom)

Equip Magic Flash!!! That is her finisher. I made it available as a bonus reward for the very first Olympus fight and completely AP-free! This mod functions from an old save, but it is meant to be played from a New Game/NG+! <3

Do not use combo modifiers (such as Rising Spiral or Speed Slash), she doesn't have animations for those. I wanted to retain her playstyle as much as possible. :)

Due to the difficulties that come with Spellweaver and Prism Rain, I've only come up with partial solutions to these. Spellweaver has some functionality, as it inherits from Second Form, though it is admittedly lacking. The only real rules are to not use Sonic Blade or Ars Arcanum commands because they could softlock you. Also the air finisher is useless :) Spellweaver is a naturally difficult form to mod because it isn't technically a form change. It's confusing. If any modders have any ideas on how to make this work, let me know in Discord :)

Prism Rain is also weird to get working. It will work great, but don't fully charge the shotlock, otherwise it will try to shoot Ragnarok, which no longer has a projectile. You also don't get the mini-game barrages.

Rage Form and Second Form work. Other forms do not work. Because of this, I have locked Form Commands on any non-Master's Defender keyblades. Switching keyblades also clears forms to avoid potential issues.

I know the mod isn't perfect, but we did the best we could given the tools we have and what we have learned the past 2 months.

Special Thanks
Ashura for being ahead of me for the start of this project. By learning what they had done to make their Aqua function at a base level, I was able to push her a little further! Thank you Ash! <3

Special thanks to YuriLewd, dh, Jeff (Millioti), Somnus, Jackmoonward, Adol, Daxx, lightfinder, Richy, Aproydtix, Iven, Discount, Accelerator and Str_Petrichor. Without you all teaching me things along the way, this mod wouldn't be here.

Another special thank you to my friends who listened to me complain in VC: Chien, Dan, Paulie, LadyLuck, Wayward, Hoarce, doom. Love y'all <3

If I forgot anybody else who helped in the process, I apologize. There were lots of you!

This mod is compatible with Improved Movement by Aproydtix.
This mod is compatible with Aqua's Memories by RollingMonkey123

Due to the amount of changes this mod makes to the game and its data tables, I'd highly suggest not using any mods that affect gameplay, combat, etc. Feel free to try if you want, but I would expect somethings to simply stop working.

Known Bugs
I am currently trying to fix the Fatal Error that is affecting some people. Please be patient <3
UPDATE: If you are having the ParticleSystem fatal error, download the optional file. It is more likely to work. You either have the main file OR the optional file installed. It won't work if you use both. This means you won't be able to complete the final fight.

  • Sometimes, the game crashes on load due to an issue with Rage Form's animation set. Reloading fixes this inconsistent crash most of the time.
  • Also, a particle system fatal error occurs for some people. Delete the main file, download the optional file, install the optional file. The people I've had test this were no longer crashing.
  • Spellweaver's air combo is pretty scuffed due to how Second Form operates.
  • Sonic Blade and Ars can cause a softlock, though it is inconsistent.
  • Moving aerial magics can sometimes get stuck, air-stepping or doing other actions can fix this state.
  • After boarding Luxord's ship in Caribbean, you need to press Square to progress. idk why either lol
  • Rarely, your shotlock will not be immediately changed to Prism Rain when starting a battle. Idling for a second or two should fix this. Check by holding R1 and looking bottom left.
  • She will look a little awkward in some cutscenes, but only Luxord's should directly affect gameplay. (See above)