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This mod will add abilities for levels 51 through 99, for Sora. This mod focuses on abilities that CAN NOT be learned through level up, story events, or mini games.

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More Level Up Abilities For Sora

This mod will add abilities for levels 51 through 99, for Sora. It focuses on abilities that CAN NOT be learned through level up, story events, or mini games. I originally created this mod to be used on critical mode (with PRO Codes), for the data battles and Yozora. But, can be used on any difficulty. Guardian, Warrior, and Mystic all have different progressions.

Important Points

1. This mod should work on save files that are already at Lv99. As well as the Main story and Re Mind. But, if you have any issues please let me know.

2. Some abilities have a limit of 1, and will not work if there are 2 active on your character. Endless Magic does this, for example.

3. Sora has a limit of 3 copies for a single ability, after 3 copies some abilities will not stack anymore.

4. If an ability you have is not working, deactivate it from either; the ability menu, the keyblade/accessory/armor menu, or eat another meal.

5. Most of the good abilities in the game focus on Magic & MP. Because of this, Mystic Path/Mage Builds will benefit a little more.

6. AP Values have not been changed, a lot of abilities will cost 0AP.

7. When a new ability is learned, it will not display in the level summary box. But, there will a be a exclamation mark in the status menu.

8. If you encounter any bugs please let me know.

Outfit in screenshot is: KH Legacy Retexture by Soaku


1. Drop the .pak file into ".\Kingdom Hearts III and Re-Mind\KINGDOM HEARTS III\Content\Paks\~mods"
If the ~mods folder does not exist you need to create it.

2. Remember to backup your saves before installing mods.
Location: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\KINGDOM HEARTS III\Epic Games Store\<user-id>\SaveGames

Mod Compatibility

This mod edits the following files:

Level Progression

Lv  Guardian:               Warrior:                Mystic:
2   Damage Control          Combo Plus              Magic Combo Thrift
3   Treasure Magnet         Treasure Magnet         Treasure Magnet
4   Withstand Combo         Air Combo Plus          MP Haste
5   Auto-Finish             Auto-Finish             Auto-Finish
6   Combo Plus              MP Haste                Combo Plus
8   Unison Fire             Unison Fire             Unison Fire
9   Block Replenisher       Combo Plus              Fire Boost
10  Fusion Spin             Fusion Spin             Fusion Spin
12  MP Haste                Attraction Enhancer     Water Boost
14  Air Combo Plus          Fire Boost              Leaf Bracer
16  Fire Boost              Air Combo Plus          Air Combo Plus
18  Attraction Enhancer     Water Boost             Blizzard Boost
20  Reprisal Boost          Combo Boost             Grand Magic Extender
22  Attraction Extender     Attraction Extender     Attraction Extender
24  Combo Plus              Air Combo Boost         Reprisal Boost
26  Leaf Bracer             Withstand Combo         Magic Galvanizer
28  Water Boost             Leaf Bracer             Withstand Combo
30  Second Chance           Blizzard Boost          Combo Plus
32  Air Combo Plus          Link Extender           Damage Control
34  Link Extender           Thunder Boost           Thunder Boost
36  Combo Boost             Block Replenisher       Block Replenisher
38  Blizzard Boost          Aero Boost              Aero Boost
40  Thunder Boost           Reprisal Boost          Air Combo Plus
42  Air Combo Boost         Grand Magic Extender    Second Chance
44  Grand Magic Extender    Magic Combo Thrift      Attraction Enhancer
46  Magic Combo Thrift      Magic Galvanizer        Combo Boost
48  Aero Boost              Second Chance           Link Extender
50  Magic Galvanizer        Damage Control          Air Combo Boost

51  EXP Incentive           EXP Incentive           EXP Incentive
52  Freeze Protection       Heartless Buster        MP Hastera
53  Damage Control          Lucky Strike            Damage Syphon
54  Item Boost              Combo Boost             Full MP Blast
55  Harvester               Overtime                MP Thrift
56  Sneeze Protection       Combo Plus              MP Hastera
57  HP Walker               Air Combo Boost         MP Walker
58  Cloud Protection        Combo Boost             MP Hastera
59  Burn Protection         Air Combo Plus          MP Thrift
60  Electric Protection     Lucky Strike            MP Hastega
61  Prize Proliferator      Air Combo Boost         MP Thrift
62  Damage Control          Lucky Strike            MP Hastega
63  Firaza                  Firaza                  Firaza
64  Heartless Buster        MP Hastera              Freeze Protection
65  Lucky Strike            Damage Syphon           Damage Control
66  Combo Boost             Full MP Blast           Item Boost
67  Blizzaza                Blizzaza                Blizzaza
68  Overtime                MP Thrift               Harvester
69  Combo Plus              MP Hastera              Sneeze Protection
70  Air Combo Boost         MP Walker               HP Walker
71  Thundaza                Thundaza                Thundaza
72  Combo Boost             MP Hastera              Cloud Protection
73  Air Combo Plus          MP Thrift               Burn Protection
74  Lucky Strike            MP Hastega              Electric Protection
75  Air Combo Boost         MP Thrift               Prize Proliferator
76  Lucky Strike            MP Hastega              Damage Control
77  Stun Protection         Berserk Charge          Endless Magic
78  MP Hastera              Freeze Protection       Heartless Buster
79  Damage Syphon           Damage Control          Lucky Strike
80  Full MP Blast           Item Boost              Combo Boost
81  MP Thrift               Harvester               Overtime
82  MP Hastera              Sneeze Protection       Combo Plus
83  MP Walker               HP Walker               Air Combo Boost
84  MP Hastera              Cloud Protection        Combo Boost
85  MP Thrift               Burn Protection         Air Combo Plus
86  MP Hastega              Electric Protection     Lucky Strike
87  MP Thrift               Prize Proliferator      Air Combo Boost
88  MP Hastega              Damage Control          Lucky Strike
89  Waterza                 Waterza                 Waterza
90  MP Hastega              MP Hastega              MP Hastega
91  Nobody Buster           Nobody Buster           Nobody Buster
92  Damage Syphon           Damage Syphon           Damage Syphon
93  Item Boost              Item Boost              Item Boost
94  Aeroza                  Aeroza                  Aeroza
95  Full MP Blast           Full MP Blast           Full MP Blast
96  Magic Galvanizer        Magic Galvanizer        Magic Galvanizer
97  More Grand Magic        More Grand Magic        More Grand Magic
98  Curaza                  Curaza                  Curaza
99  Endless Magic           Stun Protection         Berserk Charge