Kingdom Hearts III
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Changes the neutral elements Sora does in Rage Form and Dark Form to Dark

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While looking through Sora's Attack Data file, I learned that he doesn't actually do ANY Dark damage. I changed this so he does Dark damage in Rage Form and Dark Form, which it should've been in the first place. I also learned that Aqua's finisher and Riku's Dark Firaga when playable don't do the type of damage I thought they would, so I've changed that as well.

The zip comes with two files:

pakchunk99-SoraDarkness changes the Neutral element attacks of Rage Form and Dark Form to do dark damage instead, some enemies resist or
are immune to dark damage, so keep that in mind!

pakchunk99-AquaRikuBuff doesn't really buff them, but it changes Aqua's Magic Pulse finisher to deal Neutral Damage, and Riku's Dark Firaga
and Dark Divide to do Dark damage (this makes him super ineffective against Dark Inferno), but I also buffed their damage to make up for
the resistances in Dark and Neutral damage compared to Physical. It comes with SoraDarkness as well.