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A Keyblade mod that replaces Nano Gear with my custom Keyblade, Ehrgeiz Machina.

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This Keyblade mod contains a semi-full replacement including a new name, description, inventory icon, Keyblade Forge icon, and swing trail (borrowed from Crystal Snow via the Asset Editor). Additionally, the Keyblade will properly spawn and despawn without any leftovers from Nano Gear (minus the digital effects).

The only things NOT included (which I hope to include later down the road) are new textures for Nano Arms (looks a little janky, but should not affect gameplay), new SFX, new hit stars, and new Shotlock effects. I'll have to figure those out another time, but I did as much as I could with what I was initially provided.

In closing, I want to give a COSTCO-SIZED shoutout to this merry band of friends and acquaintances. Without them, this mod would never have even been attempted. I want to give all these people a big beefy virtual group hug:

MasterLeytrx (Twitter/DeviantArt), who I commissioned for the initial design as seen here:
Makaihana975 (DeviantArt/Discord), who I commissioned for the 3D model as seen in the new weapon icon
Aproydtix (Discord), who taught me a lot about how textures worked and helped me get the model textures properly prepared for UE4
Adol (Discord), who walked me through a lot of the stuff I got stuck on, giving me general tips and guidance of where to put things, what files to look for, etc.
Dallin1016 (Twitter/Discord/YouTube), who created 40 minutes of possibly the greatest duology of tutorial videos a modding newbie like me could ask for
and most of all...
the entire OpenKH modding community, for your unconditional support throughout this entire process

(P.S.: This may have been a big challenge for me, but my modding quest isn't over just yet. Think of this oath to return.)