Kingdom Hearts III
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A simple mod that swaps the animation of Groundbreaker with that of Falling Slash.

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Something that's always bothered me about Groundbreaker is how the attack will send the enemy down but will keep Sora in the air. So, this mod simply swaps the animation of Groundbreaker for Falling Slash's. Now you can smoothly send your enemies up and down and keep the pressure on them with your combos! This mod does not affect the regular Falling Slash ability so technically you now have two of them! 

It's worth noting that this version of Falling Slash and it's RV (Revenge Value) is affected by the Fan Patch by TrueBladeSeeker.
This mod will most likely conflict with other mods that change Sora's Groundbreaker animation, so just be wary of that.

To install: simply extract the .zip file and drop the "pak" file in your ~mods folder.

If you have any issues, bugs, etc. please let me know!

Special thanks to the Asset Editor by strPetrichor for making this mod possible.
Another special thanks to REZXAR's advice and method for certain asset swaps with the asset editor.

Improved Movement by Aproydtix