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Imports Vanitas' battle stance, walk & run animation, dodge, keyblade air dash, block & some attacks. 5 files seperated. 1.02 update: now with workable battle quotes

Permissions and credits
1.03 update: 
Attacks: The ground flash step animation replacer (keyblade attack ride) used to reset combo too quickly if you weren't spamming, now corrected.

1.02 update:
Voice lines now work properly on attacks and dodge. For the battle quotes mod: by Iven13

Vanitas Edition

5 files separated:

Movements: Battle Stance, Battle Walk & Battle Run (Had to speed up the turning, direction switching animation for smoother gameplay) - may conflict with other animations which alters movement.

Keyblade Air Dash: Has a hitbox

Vanitas Dodge: Vanitas' teleport with dual form dodge

Vanitas Block: Currently only does a frontal block, will update to 360 when possible - may conflict with other block replacers.

Attacks: Incorporates some animations and particle effects from the Vanitas fights. His usable attack animations kit was quite limited, so I had to alter/extend some of his animations and mix it with others. Also borrowed particle effects from different sources, but kept it Vanitas themed (imo). See images for the abilities set up I used for the showcase video.

Attacks Altered: Quick Slash, Flash Step, Radial Blaster, Normal Finisher, Last Charge, Aerial Dive, Falling Slash, Rising Spiral, Aerial Sweep, Payback Strike Counter Impact, Final Blow, Firaga

Big thanks to Accel/Xydes2011, Aproydtix, Nozai & the OpenKH community for their help on this project.

If you want to replace glide with the keyblade surf ride, head over to Accel/Xydes2011 mod: