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With this menu theres are many options and cheats available to use. You can use no-clip, hide the HUD, change playable characters, have custom party members, spawn in enemies, and much more!

Permissions and credits
If you are using Simba to open the mod menu you must first use his link and then take a few steps forward for it to work.
If you are using the Unreal Mod Loader to open the menu you must first open up the .exe for the mod loader and then open up Kingdom Hearts 3
To literally open up the menu there is a little notch on the right side of the screen, clicking that will bring up the menu for you to use, clicking the notch again hides the menu (clicking the K key will also do this). The keyhole at the top of the menu will completely close the menu and you will not be able to open it up again until you go through a load screen, or use Simba to open it up again. The clock button is a slo-mo button that will slow down everything except for the player character. (This also includes the camera)
All of the option of the left side of the menu bring up a new screen that has its own options. For example the Party Options screen allows you to change the playable character and party members, to get back to the main screen click the back arrow at the top.
The right side of the menu is full of cheats and other things that can mess with music and the battle HUD and do not bring up any specific screens, majority of them toggle something on and then off.

With this mod menu you will be able to play as any playable character that is originally playable in Kingdom Hearts 3. This includes all version of Sora as well as Riku (with shotlock), Long Hair Riku, Kairi, Aqua, and Roxas. You will be able to choose what character you would like to be before all the Data Boss fights as well as Yozora's fight.  There is a Level Loader that allows you to instantly teleport to a specific map, similar to the "Area Select" screen found at save points. There are also many cheats available allowing you to clip through walls as well as being able to hid the HUD from the screen.

There are many option in the menu as well. You can spawn any of the LimitCut bosses wherever you want as well as Anti-Aqua, Dark Inferno, and Yozora. Some other things are like a Multiplayer button that lets you play as a second Sora (this is very broken and you MUST close and reopen the game for you to gain control again), Scene Components which gives the FPS of the game and all the parts of a map loaded in, GOD MODE that can be toggled on and off letting you be invulnerable to attacks, a Debug Camera that is basically a free camera mode (have to use the Reset Level to control Sora again), a Reset Level button that resets the level. There is also a Surprise 1 and Surprise 2 button which I included so go found out what they are! (I recommend being high in the sky for Surprise 1)

You will also be able to spawn in party members though that it broken at the moment meaning the will not appear in the HUD and only a select few attack. Party members can be customized up to groups of 6 and show up within the HUD, their team attacks now work as well.
Some party members still have some issues, these being:

For now that is all this mod menu can do, I wish I could have included some more things that allow more customizability but at the end of the day I dont know Unreal Engine 4 that well and need to learn a lot more. I hope you guys enjoy!