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Turns Hunny Snout into Gazing Eye along with dark effects for formchanges.

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> Hunny Snout to Gazing Eye (with changed effects and UI).

> Hunny Blasters to Dark Blasters/Dark Form with dark projectiles. To get the darkness effect on the hands either switch weapons once or block once.

> Hunny Launcher to Dark Launcher/Dark Form. Swaps the Launcher for the (slightly buggy) X-Blade.

> Shotlocks have been changed, the launcher projectile (Large Bee) is actually a model and not a effect ingame, that's why the X-Blade shoot's an invisible projectile.

> Barrier was changed to Dark Barrier.

> Optional Files include ability altering changes that include/are compatible with Survival Abilities on Basic Equipment
> Giving Situation Boost to every item that had Formchange Extender and Magic Roulette to every item that had Harvester
> Giving the above plus MP Hastega Overload and changes every item with MP Haste to give MP Hastega #UnlimitedPower

Thanks to str_petrichor for his awesome asset editor, without it, these mods
wouldn't be possible... with my capabilities at least, heh.

Installation: Put the files in EpicLibrary\KH_3\KINGDOM HEARTS III\Content\Paks\~mods

Ps. Since irl stuff is coming up, I will sadly have to drastically reduce my time modding (how much is drastically? Like 1 mod or so every two weeks(?) that I might not even release if it's 'nothing'. That's also why I'm not going to update this mod for a while except maybe a quick fix... (using trial and error to replace effects at this stage is also quit time consuming, if anyone wants to modify the mod they are free to unpack and modify it. As if I could prevent that in the first place lmao)