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This mod replaces the Kingdom Key and it's sounds as well as hit particles with the model and respective FX for Earthshaker.

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This is version 1.0 of "Earthshaker in place of Kingdom Key," which replaces the model, hit particles, and hit sounds of the Kingdom Key with those of Earthshaker. Due to some very odd "quirks" of the Earthshaker's asset references, it does not have its own "appear" effect, and will have the silhouette of the Kingdom Key when appearing and disappearing, though this only lasts a frame or two. I haven't switched the Kingdom Key's trail with that of Earthshaker just yet, since I'm uncertain exactly how to go about doing so. I believe Earthshaker does have its own trail, but it's in a different naming schema to that of the trails for all usable player keyblades, so I'm not sure I can get away with swapping those references without messing up something critical just yet. The only other thing Earthshaker does not have is a wall hit sound effect, so the Kingdom Key's wall hit sfx is used instead.
I will be updating this mod when I manage to create or figure out a way to implement "organically" the features presently missing, however, for now, I'm happy with the state that it's in.

NOTE: The armored Terra model swap shown in the screenshots is NOT INCLUDED, and is NOT MADE BY ME. Please go check out this amazing mod here.
Additionally, the command menu mod is NOT INCLUDED, and is NOT MADE BY ME. Please check it out here.