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This mod expands the boundaries of different places, and lets you explore the environment a little bit more.

*It shouldn't modify any gameplay aspect, but if you find something let me know.
*This is a WIP project, check detailed description to know what the current version includes.

Permissions and credits
This mod expands the boundaries of different places, and lets you explore the environment a little bit more.

This is what the current version includes:

- Fixed missing textures (main street)
- Fixed collisions (main street)
- Fixed baked lighting glitches (open gate)
- Fixed unopenable chest bug (should be fixed, i can't try, let me know please)

- Little adjustments to the boundaries so you can go to the blocked street falling down the right rooftop as well as the left one.
- Fixed collisions (buildings, walls, rails, antennas)
- Fixed baked lighting glitches
- Fixed z-fighting textures
- Other small issues fixed

v.2: Gates are open! The Sunset Station awaits you!
- The door that leads to the train station is now open, you can go there if you wish
- The path from the door to the gate is rebuild entirely (collisions, textures and mesh), so u won't fall throug or anything else
- Adjusted collisions for the train station and some buildings
- You can go over the top of the clock tower and eat some seasalt icecream
- You can get over some rails, but not to much (still figuring out the best way of doing it)
- Minor improvements to the boundaries

v.1: Twilight Town
- Expands the boundaries of Twilight Town (the town itself)
- You can stand over some rooftops that you didn't could before
- You can fly straight from savepoint to the sewers entrance without having to go in zig-zag, passing over the restaurant.
- If you are curious, you can go to the blocked street (near the savepoint) jumping down from the left rooftop, in order to avoid the invisible wall.

Known issues:
Still some wierd collisions on some rooftops
- Some distorted textures
- Some glitched backed lighting
- You can't open a chest in TT, next to the closed gate (next to the sewers)

- Donald and Goofy won't follow you to the station although they can spawn there with the group attacks (still, they won't walk)
- You can see the mansion zone not loaded in the distance, however this doesn't affect anything