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Adds a cinematic atmosphere to the game by adjusting RGB saturation and contrast rates (and some neato bloom effects) to make for more natural colour/lighting. Will probably run fine on your computer if the game already runs smooth, should work with ReShade 4.9+ but not 100% sure bc I still have 4.7

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Do you dislike hard colours? I do too, almost as much as I dislike hard decisions. That's why God invented ReShade to soften them.

What does it do? A lot of things, it's hard to say exactly, because some areas it will completely transform and others it will alter only subtly. Generally speaking though I designed it to complement areas and aspects of the game that are already pretty and alter areas that needed a little help. If you want to see what it's doing at any given time you can always assign a toggle hotkey in ReShade.

As of now there are two versions:

1.3 is recommended for users with good systems and no framerate issues with the vanilla game. It took me a while to get some of this stuff working but it's still a little experimental so maybe expect a 1.5 at some point (or don't). It contains several lighting effects as well as depth of field, so depending on the area it can give your game a lot to do. Mostly the lighting effects make bright areas a little brighter and dark areas a little darker, think HDR but more organic. It will also let bright light sources bleed more colour into their surroundings, which helps make more dynamic visuals. You'll notice this mostly on light surfaces like skin, clouds, or bright buildings. As for the depth of field it's pretty weak but I think it's an example of a little doing a lot.

NOTICE:  The DoF can affect your UI if it hovers over or if you open a menu over an out-of-focus area (this is just a result of ReShade's screenspace nature). During normal gameplay this effect is next to unnoticeable, however if you pause or open a menu over an out-of-focus area it can create a slight shaky effect on the UI - as for now you can either 1) ignore it until you're done with the menu, then keep playing and forget it existed (what I typically do), or 2) close the menu in question, adjust the camera, and open it again. As far as I know this is just a consequence of how ReShade works and it affects all games alike, but I'll see if there isn't some magic fix out there.

If you were experiencing focusing issues (not the issue above, I mean stuff going in and out of focus too easily) with the DoF let me apologise for that, I've doubled the focus samples and moved the centre a little further back to hopefully make it smoother - i didn't notice it at first because I haven't tested the DoF in every world yet (like I said, still a little experimental)

1.1 is simpler and less intensive, for people who want a lighter preset (or weirdo's who only want recolouring and minimal ppfx). It's mostly just the original RGB saturation tweaks and white/black value tweaks along with a bloom backlight for darker areas. Also the version of choice if your framerate isn't reliable as is, maybe if you have less than 6GB of vram.

If this is your first time using Reshade it may not be immediately apparent how this works - Reshade is a software separate from the game itself which you will need to download and install to KH_3\KINGDOM HEARTS III\Binaries\Win64 before adding this .ini preset to the same location. After you've added it, simply select my preset from the drop-down menu in Reshade's in-game UI to activate. Unlike most Kingdom Hearts mods you do not need to touch the paks folder or subfolders whatsoever.

If you have any scruples please let me know, especially if it's in a particular area, and I'll try to fix anything in the next update. And please make sure you're on the latest version before leaving any feedback.

If it doesn't look like my screenshots then you might not have all the necessary effects downloaded. I used Reshade version 4.7 so check to see if your version supports all the effects on the list available in the images section of this mod page.