Kingdom Hearts III
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the devils scythe replaces the kingdom key

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The Devils Scythe was made out of darkness greater than Sora and his friends everĀ  seen Sora found it in space when he kept on hearing whispers of little kids playing when he got to the world it seemed all okay first but right as he landed down the world changes into a ball of fire and screams but still thinking he heard children he gets out and finds this Scythe like Keyblade next to what would seem like a beach but the water was read after further looking around he realised it was actually his home island but covered in red and fire he knew then he needed to leave he drops the scythe and runs but little did he knew the Scythe has already bonded with him he couldn't leave it behind The eye on this scythe ppl say its the devil himself watching you So does Sora and his friends have a fight with this unknown darkness if so they have going to have a hell of a time.