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Replaces Sora's moveset with a custom one designed for maximum kick-ass potential. I designed the moveset and how it currently functions but did not create the assets used for it.
I dubbed this mod "God-slayer" , a collaboration of animations created by the many talented people in this community.
Enjoy annihilating your enemies.

Permissions and credits
"God-slayer, LegacyOfOpenKH"
This project has been in the works for a while now, credit to and thanks to the tremendous amount of help and information provided by the OpenKH discord.

This is a moveset created by Bobby-san (my Discord username) with the idea in mind to do one thing and one thing only. 

This mod changes sora's base moveset to a custom one designed by me, created using assets from the OpenKH Discord Community. 
no credit taken for anyone's hard work, if I didn't clarify that well enough please let me know.

Equip all abilities for maximum functionality, the moveset is designed to make every attack work together in one or more ways. 

---------TECH--------- Quirks and things you can do with different animations-

  • -Press the "b" or "o" button (circle for playstation controllers) during the last charge finisher to switch to magic flash's finisher (Ground only). 
  • -Spam attack or allow each animation to play through, your combo is as long or short as it needs to be. 
  • -Teleport away from your enemy with the lock on triggered, then attack while facing any direction to warp up and above your enemy to follow up with a downward slam
  • -Magic animations have been upgraded courtesy of Discount's Valor form mod. Each magic animation works as it's own attack along with the spell dealing elemental damage. 
  • -Dodging and dashing is faster than all of your enemies. Spamming the dodge button is slower than finding the correct timing, once you find the sweet spot you can keep I-frames up until you decided to stop dodging. 
  • quick slash- multiple acrobatic slashes with a lightning bolt of darkness following the final strike
  • flash step- warps to and above your enemy to strike downward with a flash of mighty light
  • radial blaster- Several devastating strikes, staggering your opponent to continue the carnage
  • speed slash - two consectutive ground slam attacks, press the circle or b button before the second slam lands to automatically perform Triple rush within the appropriate time frame
  • triple rush - strike upwards and back down, allowing your Keyblade to fly outward in front of you, shredding your enemy before returning to your hands.
  • last charge - Warp around your enemy, striking them unexpectedly, helplessly, allow it to play through to the end for a final strike toward the ground.
  • Base Ground finisher- Channel the energy of the legendary warrior, omnipotently slashing your enemy with a powerful charge attack at the end.
  • Base Air finisher- Rotate your body in such a way to draw in your foe, elavating them into place to smite them down to the ground with a powerful charged strike.
  • magic flash- Summon forth the might of Ramu, smiting your foe with two fearsome lightning strikes. The first causes DOT while the second is one more powerful hit that shackles the unforunate soul to the earth for a few moments before they can recover.
  • groundbreaker- Travel downward instantly, propelling your enemy below you with speed and force. Causes the ground to shake when close enough to the ground. 
  • rising spiral- Strike your enemy multiple times while ascending, works in succession to Groundbreaker if timed correctly. 
This mod will conflict with any mod that changes Sora's attackdata, magic as well as their animations, normal attack animations, 
pretty much, don't try to combine another mod that alters Sora's moveset with this one unless you know what you're doing.
 Otherwise, expect issues. 
-Extract the .rar or .zip file (depending on what you use, Winrar or 7zip)
-place the "zzzz-Bobby'sanMoveset.pak" in C:\Program Files\Epic Games\KH_3\KINGDOM HEARTS III\Content\Paks OR C:\Program Files\Epic Games\KH_3\KINGDOM HEARTS III\Content\Paks\~mods if you've created the extra folder inside your "paks" folder for mods only. 
I Recommend doing this if you haven't. 
IF you have any issues, contact me on Discord @Bobby-San#8939 or my Youtube channel at

I do not take credit for the creation of any of the assets used in the mod or video, I just heavily altered and repurposed/edited animations that already existed, created by other modders in the community.

Millioti Jeff, Discount, Trashman, Sora101ven, Narkon, ChiriJaiden, TruebladeSeeker, Dantissimo, adol, Kurasanick, Luigi, Komatsuna, Accelerator, JackMoonWard, Cyane Lee and Xantohjan.

(I think I mis-spelled a few names, my apologies if I did or did not mention you, please notify me if I neglected to credit your name!)