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Makes Yozora fully playable through entire story + remind with his own custom moves and spells

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This is a Project I've been working on for the past year or so. Yozora is now fully playable from start to finish with his own combos, spells, and animations. 

Keep in mind this is still a WIP and Yozora might not be ready for "No damage" Data Fights and such.

I feel I should stress that Yozora plays differently than Sora. The animations for his movements, attacks, and spells have different lengths than Sora's, as well as different startups and recovery times. While some of the animations WILL be polished for smoother gameplay, keep in mind that Yozora is a character that will take some getting used to.

Use Yozora's signature weapons, as his animations are not suited for Sora's keyblades. His weapons are currently placed over Kingdom Key and Oathkeeper (Oathkeeper's name is changed to Nachtflugel, but due to unforeseen issues it is currently dysfunctional. Formchange and Shotlock doesn't work properly. It's highly recommended to just use Kingdom Key until this mod is updated and more weapons are replaced.) Don't use Oblivion, it had to be sacrificed to make his weapons work. Equipping it will simply cause Yozora to wield his sword in the WRONG hand. His animations are ONLY suited for when he holds BOTH of his weapons. As such, regular Keyblades and Formchanges are also NOT compatible and I do not plan on making them compatible in the future.

Most of Yozora's animations are completed, however you'll run into some that are not, where Yozora's model becomes scrunched down. These will be fixed in future updates. I'm just one person, and Sora has like over 2000 animations.

Kingdom Key's formchange- "Sternlicht" is currently unfinished, but it's still worth using for the finisher alone: "High Voltage Supernova" ;) Been wanting to figure out how to include this particular move, so HUGE Thanks to Kurasanick for helping me with it.


For some reason, a few people that have tested this mod prior have reported issues of crashing and having Modloader/Improved Movement seems to fix it. You don't need to do anything with Modloader if you don't want to, just have it in your "~mods" folder.

"Improved Movement" is very much recommended to be used with this mod since people have pointed out that Yozora's running animation seems to be too fast for the actual running speed. Using Improved Movement fixes the issue.

Animations and voicelines for Team Attacks and Attractions have NOT been done, so Yozora will scrunch up and sound like Sora whenever you do them. I originally planned for Yozora to have no party members, but I'm currently searching for a way to achieve this without causing issues with progression.

This mod isn't perfect, Yozora can be clunky in certain parts, but he's fully functional. I hope you have fun regardless, as I've poured a lot of frustration and sleepless nights into getting this far.

Yozora being the only character in the game to wield a sword in his left hand, I was limited to using Yozora's animations for his combos. His base combo at the very beginning of the game has a lot of repeating moves as a result, please just equip any and all combo pluses and combo modifiers you obtain. This mod also contains assets from the "YoSora Moveset" mod, with permission of course :)

The Custom Title screen logo, Custom Lock-on Reticle, and Custom Formchange Art Icons were all done by Mr. Puzzles, and he was also a huge help in creating Yozora's custom HUD. He also gets credit for coining the term "ManaTech" which I've used as a name replacement for "Magic" since it fit Yozora better. HUGE THANKS to Mr. Puzzles for being a tremendous help.

The Station of Awakening at the very beginning of the game has been replaced with Quadratum. While it looks breathtaking, it may cause frame drops for some players. A more framerate friendly option will be available in the future. Credit goes to Adol for making it for me :)

The Final World, along with it's music, has been replaced with a nighttime version and it's music has been replaced with music from the Secret Episode. Gives it a more beautiful and haunting atmosphere as a result. Credit also goes to Adol for making it for me :)

Only Sora's English voicelines have been replaced with Yozora's.

Every version of Sora has been replaced with Yozora, EXCLUDING KH1 Sora, Ratatouille Sora, and Pooh Sora.

YOZORA'S DAMAGE OUTPUT IS ABSURD! I'm aware that Yozora currently does too much damage. Until this is fixed, it's recommended to use "Critical Mode Plus" to try to balance him out. Unless you want to be OP. It's really up to you.

Custom Formchanges for his signature weapons over different keyblades. Names and icons are mostly all included but the formchanges themselves are not. They will be added in future updates.

1. Sternlicht (Second Form)
2. Cocytus Trigger (Hunny Blasters)
3. Armiger Unleashed (Ultimate Form)
4. Void Break (Light Form- is currently broken)
5. Last Star (Rage Form- This one is planned for the future but not currently included in any degree)

Quality of Life improvements.
Loading Screen replacements.
Pause Menu replacements.

And many other features, as I plan to work on this project for a long time, and hopefully expand it into the ultimate Playable Yozora experience. 

I have so many people to thank for the progress I've made so far. This Project means so much to me, as Playable Yozora was my biggest goal ever since I started modding this game, and I couldn't have done any of it without these amazing people. 

belovedSomnus- for the Yozora voice replacement, and for pretty much sparking my motivation for this Project.

DiamondHuntet- For teaching me the Skeleton Compatibility method so Yozora could use custom animations. Saved this project from the brink of failure.

Adol- For the Station of Awakening and Final World map replacements.

DaXx- For the slow rendition of Yozora's Theme "Nachtflugel" used for the title screen.

Aproydtix- For creating the auto-fix animation script for 3dsMax.

Majoris- For showing me how to fix model limb displacement in 3dsMax.

Str_Petrichor- For creating the Asset Editors and providing in-depth tutorials on how to use them.

Bobby-San- For allowing me to use assets from his "YoSora Moveset" mod.

Mr. Puzzles- For all of the amazing logos and icons he made for this Project, and for providing the formchange names and ideas.

Kurasanick- For providing feedback, helping me fix a major issue with Revenge Value, and showing me exactly how to include Yozora's Supernova attack.

dOgExTylom- For the weapon icon and description swap on the Oathkeeper variant.

I really want to give everyone who helped me the credit they deserve, so if I forgot anyone, I'll be sure to update these credits.