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Play as Kairi through the story + Re:mind

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Kairi officially joins the fray. This is a Project started by DiamondHuntet but was given to me to continue and expand upon. Most of the work was already done by DiamondHuntet, but I did add a few things here and there and will continue to update as more things get added. Kairi currently has everything she needs to complete the game and look good doing it. I gave Kairi her own Idle, Walk, Run, and Glide animations. Her dodge animation is Aqua's Cartwheel, and her block animation is Sora's, but changed to look feminine. I didn't use Kairi's block because I personally didn't like how every character besides Sora used Barrier. However, I will include Kairi's Barrier Block as an optional file in the future. Destiny's Embrace has been put over Elemental Encoder.

NOTE: If a certain combination of abilities are used, Kairi might not do a full combo. For best results, Unequip the following abilities: Quick Slash, Flash Step, Radial Blaster.
In the combo finishers, make sure ONLY the following is equipped: Speed Slash, Magic Flash.
This should give Kairi her own full combo. I edited the Magic Flash animation to look feminine.

NOTE 2: Most keyblades that transform are buggy, as the tranformed weapon will appear under Kairi's feet. I'm not sure what causes it.

NOTE 3: Kairi's voice replaces Sora's English only. If you play with Japanese voices, I recommend using another voice replacer mod that replaces Sora's Japanese audio for Kairi's. There is one available on this site. This mod, as well as any of my future ones, are made with only the English voices in mind.

Some things to note, softlocks may occur for certain animations like Risk Dodge, spamming magic while moving, and a few other things I may not have discovered. Kairi has her own combos, but can use Sora's as well, Formchanges included. If you happen to encounter any bugs (that don't include Kairi looking odd when doing Sora's animations) feel free to leave a comment and I will look into it. Her voice for combat and stuff, aside from Team Attacks, is also replaced to Kairi's voice thanks to Ray Cooper.

I managed to take two of my Favorite Kairi lines from Melody of Memory and use them for Formchange lines.

1. "I won't let you walk away."

2. "I have had enough of this!"

I think those lines sounded really cool and give Kairi a sort of unwavering determination that I love to see in her.

Also, one more little surprise- I didn't want to simply make Sora's flowmotion & swimming animations work with Kairi and leave it at that, so I sunk hours into making the animations look feminine. I hope you all enjoy them. I may be missing 1 or 2 anims in the flowmotion category, but it isn't too noticeable. I'll get around to those in future updates.

Oh, I almost forgot:

KH1 Sora = Namine + Physics

KH2 Sora = KH2 Kairi + Physics

Every other Sora = KH3 Kairi + Physics

KH2 Kairi has odd physics, namely the hair and the hood while moving, but I still think it looks cool. I can't edit a model's physics.
And like I said, if you happen to encounter any game-breaking or otherwise Glaring issues, please inform me.

Some known bugs: 

Kairi will say the wrong spell names most of the time. I don't know why.

Kairi currently has no Sliding Shot animation for the cover sections of the game. I'm having trouble finding that particular animation, but it will be fixed when I do.

The Risk Dodge and moving Spell Spam mentioned above.

Kairi may not perform some of Sora's combo moves. The best finishers to equip for Kairi are Speed Slash and Magic Flash- she has her own animations for those.

These are all the bugs I know of, but like I said, let me know if you find anymore.

Planned Features:

Custom Station of Awakening for Kairi

Custom Formchange for Destiny's Embrace, and Rage Form replacement.

Music Replacers- Idk how Nexus feels about Simple and Clean, but I wanted to make that Kairi's battle theme for each world.

Maybe some other features too. Depends on what I think of.

I want to state now that I do not plan on making Namine/KH2 Kairi replace KH3 Kairi. Maybe one day in the future I might, or someone else might, but as of now I have no plans to do so.