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If you want to be able to grab actors, throw them, and delete actors, don't switch to any playable characters since doing that will remove that ability from the player for some reason. The only way to get it back is to either reset the map or reset the whole game. To grab actors as the character you spawn as when you first load into the world, simply make sure that the actor is simulating physics. Then you need to hover the mouse over the actor that has its physics enabled and press the F key to grab it. If you want to let it go, press the F key again and if you want to throw the actor, you simply hover your mouse over the grabbed actor and press F and it'll go flying. :) Grabbing enemy pawns just don't work at the moment, but hopefully I'll get them to work eventually.

I honestly don't want to update the beta menu since it's a beta, but I will update it if there are any major problems with the beta menu. The full menu when it's out should have all or at least most of the problems with this menu fixed :) For some reason, the menu can't be opened in realm of the gods area of Olympus, the final world, and dark world.

full Exi Menu update: 

I fixed the following issues with the custom menu: 
- the menu works with all maps now thanks to it using UE mod loader
- fixed all of the issues the previous versions of the menu used to have
- You are no longer able to grab actors at the moment, but I'll see if I can do that in a future update :)
- added A LOT of quality of life improvements, improving the able to store custom menu data is load that data when transitioning between one map to another map

to load the menu use UE mod loader. In order to use UE mod loader, you must create a folder called LogicMods where KH3's pak files are and place the menu pak file into the LogicMods folder. After doing that, first open the game then click on the UE mod loader exe. After that,  load a save file and the game will load the menu on the loading screen.