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'REQUEST' Reflega Over Base Form Block

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I know there's a mod that replaces Ultimate Form's block with Reflega, however, I always thought it'd be cool to have Sora use Reflega as his normal block. I have a lore-obsessed brain, and since every character besides Sora has some form of barrier block, I figured it'd be cool to have Sora use his knowledge of an old familiar spell more regularly to block attacks, now that he's a bit more of a seasoned fighter since KH2. I know there are also mods that swap block with Light and Dark Form barriers, but I think Reflega just fits Sora better, and shows that he carried knowledge from past games over with him into his new adventures.

If at all possible, I'd also like to see one of the counter moves replaced with a move that makes the Reflega barrier explode, just like back in KH2, except with it as a counter ability, we have more options and it won't explode every time, as it would be our choice to make it do so, and have more options if we decide not to use that specific counter.


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    this sounds awesome I cant wait to see what you cook up. I myself was kind of disappointed when reflega wasn't part of the core game. it was such a huge part of many peoples strategies, and it looked cool as well. but i look forward to seeing your work in the future!