Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

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Twitter - - New Save Point0:53 - New Keyblades7:11 - New Mechanics8:41 - Gameplay16:35 - New Enemy**********CONTRIBUTORS' MEDIA**********
Xaddgx's channel:'s channel:'s channel:'s channel:'s channel:'s website:'s website:'s channel:'s channel:'s website: No XIII's channel:'s channel:'s channel:'s channel:'s Deviantart:'s channel:**********MUSIC**********
1. Xenoblade Chronicles Remastered - Gaur Plains (Night) Final Fantasy X - Hopeless Desire Xenoblade Chronicles Remastered - You Will Know Our Names Devil May Cry 3 - Devils Never Cry**********ENTRY'S ADDITIONS**********
-Drive can now be recovered upon a successful Guard
-Increased ground finisher window at the end of Thunder Finisher
-Added Armor Pierce effect to first hits of Event Horizon
-Added Air Dash cancel to multiple attacks
-Increased Rotate to Target on Blizzard Finisher for added consistency
-Added PAX Effect to Baseball Swing Finisher
-Made slight PAX Effect change to Drive Explosion
-Changed Limit Break Keyblades to rotate properly with invisible bones
-Added a system to prevent Reversal spamming

Bladeless Form
-Added free movement to normal air aerials
-Increased Launch on Thunder Finisher
-Added Air Dash cancels to multiple attacks

Light & Dark Form
-Added incremental MP cost to all Limits
-Added Air Dash cancels to multiple attacks

-Added "Heat Saber" Enemy
-Save Point modded into a Dark Corridor
-Added a code that switches Bladeless and Light & Dark's Left Hand Keyblades using Valor and Master Forms menu
-Reverted MP Cost to default
-Changed Cure, Cura, and Curaga text to Limit Break
-Changed Light & Dark Limit RC names
-Changed MP Cost text for Limits to fit appropriately
-New Keyblades
-Midnight Roar
-Maverick Flare
-Missing Ache
-Darker than Dark
-Sign of Innocence
-Lunar Eclipse
-Glimpse of Darkness
-Crown of Guilt
-Twilight Blaze
-Wooden Stick
-Abyssal Tide
-Dream Sword
-Rejection of Fate
-Omega Weapon


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    Can we play this ?^^
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      yes but its a ps2 mod so you need an emulator for this like pcsx2
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    i need it