Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

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Join our KH Modding Community new server for my mod, looking for testers.
Mod Q&A
Q. Will this mod be released?

A. yes

Q. Will my keyblades be released?

A. Yes they will be released with the mod.

Q. Can you have a download to the keyblades?

A. No, they currently crash plus I'd rather people wait untll the mod is complete.

If you wanna be a beta tester for this mod message me on discord through the server link above and we'll talk.

People who have Helped me in one way or another
- Square Enix - For the original Model designs and KH MOM KH3 Kairi xion and Kh3 Sora
- Xaddgx Absol Brasse - For Various Codes and models and player swapping system
- Kinlyki - For Rigging
- Napstio - For model edits and rigging
- dexifebtnacnekorbeht - From DeviantArt For the KH3 Xion Model Added
- VG Resource - For Various Character Models & For KH3 Voice Files
- Soranounmei - For Transformed Ultima Weapon
- Richard Vincent Shields - For the Title Screen Artwork
- Naxshe - For the Depth of field code + 20 fps code and Title screen logo
- Sora6645 - For Custom Text Edits (Redone by me) Player System
- TopazTK - For Rage Form Situation CM Mod Widescreen Menu
- Lucas_Lindo - For HUD Sprites and KH3 Symbols for forms and Xemnas portal
- Charlotte Paradise - For the Oathkeeper Kanji on Double Form and Light Form and Symbols's for Rage form.
- SoraikoSan - For his Moveset Customizer Used
- Govanify - For his version of Soraiko's Moveset Customizer used and Toolkit
- Vladabdf - For the Command Menu, Widescreen HD Hud, 60 fps Quickrun + Arial Dodge and custom
- e N - for helping testing PAX and/or effect casters
- The Wild Bacca - For various Screenshots to aid in this mod
- Akita23 - For the Hooded Xion Boss voice mod
- CrazyCatz00 - For the English Patch this mod was built on
- Soniceshadowsilver2 - For Various Codes
- dh - For custom Fire Magic as well as Players system and summon system and conditionals
- AhmadCookie8 - For Re-editing my Drive Form Textures for me
- Issa Al-Jawad - For Dawn Till Dusk and Data Battle Portal Icons
- Adonis Gamer - For Various Screenshots and Images to aid in this mod
- Music by SauskeShika

Disgustors Channel: Enix:'s Channel:'s Channel:'s Channel:'s Channel: Kage's Channel:'s Deviantart:'s: Resource: Resource:'s Channel: No XIII's Channel:'s Channel:'s Deviantart: Paradise:'s Channel: Channel:'s Website:'s Discord: Akita#7464Crazycatz00's Website: Wild Bacca's Channel: Vincent Shields Twitter: Deviantart: -'s Channel: Special thanks to my beta testers:
- ChromxRobin & CorrinxCamilla
- Akita
- Ardonis Gamer
- Arima
- Matrix
- Darkshadow
- Sora6645
- GloryfiedBabeX

My Links
Mod Blog: https://blayz-mods-apparel.myspreadsh...Deviantart:

Not my video just sharing it.