Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

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Various changes I've made to the game, ranging from different keyblades & stats, obtainable Antiform, many tweaks to gameplay balance, and a replacement for Sora's default finisher. Feature-complete at this point, so I won't be taking any more suggestions.
Report any bugs under "Bugs."

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PLEASE NOTE: There may be issues when using the LuaBackend hook DINPUT8.dll. While I personally haven't encountered that issue, if you are encountering a softlock in the game where the camera is pulled back very far when reaching the Station of Awakening, perhaps try removing that file, or any scripts that you might use for KH2 Rando, and seeing if that helps. 
If not, report the bug and I'll check it out ASAP!

I recommend checking the changelog included in the download. It goes over every single change made in detail. Included in the download is a savefile, to be imported with the Kingdom Save Editor, so you can have a Level 99 file with everything unlocked in the mod.
Link to the Kingdom Save Editor:

OpenKH, for tools & documentation
Osdanova, for their KH2FM_Editor
Soraiko, for their MDLX Importer & MSET Editor
Tomk10004, for their model importing tutorial
TrueLovePrevails, for their Kingdom Hearts font
Hennykage, for their original mod of High-Poly Sora which inspired me to do my own version for this mod.
SPTKira, as some of the adjustments to drive & summon costs were inspired by their plando
Rapid, for their assistance with learning model rigging
o0Demonboy0o, for uploading the SoulEater model to SpritersResource
Shane, for feedback & playtesting.
kareking & Runsu for attack hitbox documentation
Disgustor for animation tutorial