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Integrates Growth Abilities into normal progression.

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One thing I've always hated about KH2 is the grind necessary to level up drive forms to get growth abilities, so I made this mod with the purpose of getting rid of that grind and have a more natural progression of Sora's movement throughout the game.

All growth abilities (High Jump, Quick Run, Dodge Roll, Aerial Dodge, and Glide) and all their levels (1 to 3) are now obtained just by progressing through the game via bonus levels.

These are the locations where they are obtained:

High Jump:

1- Land of Dragons (First Visit) Village Cave Battle 

2- Space Paranoids (First Visit) Dataspace Computers

3- Agrabah (Second Visit) Genie Jafar

Quick Run:

1- Beast's Castle (First Visit) Thresholder

2- Port Royal (Second Visit) Grim Reaper 1

3- Pride Lands (Second Visit) Hyenas 

Dodge Roll:

1- Hollow Bastion (First Visit) Bailey Nobodies

2- Hollow Bastion (Second Visit) 1000 Heartless

3- Space Paranoids (Second Visit) Solar Sailor

Aerial Dodge:

1- Olympus Coliseum (First Visit) Phil's Training

2- Land of Dragons (Second Visit) Storm Rider

3- Twilight Town (Third Visit) Mansion Fight


1- The World That Never Was (Xigbar)

2- The World That Never Was (Siax)

3- The World That Never Was (Final Xemnas)

In addition, this mod also SIGNIFICANTLY decreases the exp necessary to level up drive forms and summons. I personally never understood the purpose of the ridiculous level up requirements when the forms are already exp gated until you obtain another one, which just leads to boring grinding in the endgame. Leveling them up while casually using them will be much easier. Note however that the forms will no longer give you the growth abilities associated with them for leveling them up.

To test if the mod is working, you should receive BOTH Aerial Recovery and Scan during the nobody encounter as Roxas in Station of Awakening.

To use, install Luabackend using this guide:

Afterwards, place the mod in the "scripts" folder located at "C:\Documents\KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX"

Note: If you're playing the randomizer make sure to delete this mod as it will likely conflict with the seed.

Note 2: This mod is designed for new games, existing saves will not work properly.

UPDATE: An alternate version adding the "MAX" levels of the abilities has been added. These are the locations where they are obtained:

High Jump and Aerial Dodge: Final Nobody Wave In Cavern of Remembrance

Quick Run: Chest in Garden of Assemblage

Dodge Roll: Sephiroth

Glide: Lingering Will