Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
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A Discord Rich Presence for Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix (PC)!

Permissions and credits
Very few people might know my C# version of this RPC.
Since LuaBackend now allows the use of RPC, I ported it over to LuaBackend!

With this Rich Presence, users on Discord will see your current status in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.
It shows your Level, your Difficulty, the current room of the World and the World itself as a logo.
As a small image it also shows your current crown progress!

Setting variables (As of version 1.3.5):
There are a total of 3 settings inside the script you can change.

  • UseWorldWithNameBanner = false (Line 3)
  •  Shows the current world with a full name banner
  • HideCrowns = false (Line 4)
  •  There will be no small image in the RPC that shows the current crown progress
  • Language = en (Line 5)
  •  Room and World Names are shown in a different language. Available languages: en, de, fr, it, es

The mod requires LuaBackend on at least version v1.10
If you are new to LuaBackend I prefer using the External version.

For this, do the following:

  1. Download LuaBackend v1.10 or newer from GitHub
  2. Extract the zip anywhere
  3. Open the folder and go to 'External'
  4. Go to 'preset_configs'
  5. Copy and paste the 'KINGDOM HEARTS II FINAL MIX.ini' to the 'External folder' where LuaBackend.exe is
  6. Rename the 'KINGDOM HEARTS II FINAL MIX.ini' to 'config.ini'
  7. Paste the .lua file to the 'scripts' folder
  9. Once the game is open, run LuaBackend.exe and it should work.

local UseWorldWithNameBanner example:

Set to true:

Set to false: