Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

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Improved and higher poly models. KH2 Sora, KH1 Sora, Roxas, Halloween Town Sora, Atlantica Sora and Timeless river Sora included.

Permissions and credits
This mod has passed from HD Sora to HD Models, it's highly possible that more models are being added in a future.
Compatible with clothes retextures (not with eyes or crown recolors).

Why the OpenKH download code isn't just put here in the main page?
NexusMods has a really nice way to reward modders like me, it gives donation points based on the number of downloads your mods have. Then you can exchange the donation points with real money or other stuff. After that being said, doing mods takes a lot of time and effort, so I decided to include the OpenKH code on a separate file so people who uses that format can support my work. Also downloading from the OpenKH code in the Mods Manager is faster than downloading the KH2PCPATCH here.

How to install:
- Download KHPCPatchManager.
- Open the program, click on "select patch" and select my patch.
- Click on "Apply patch" and If it's asked, choose the game folder.
- When the installation is over, a window will be opened saying that your patch is applied.