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Shuffles all the doors in the game so they lead to completely different rooms, and even between worlds!

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This mod is distributed as a standalone program which generates a Lua script that can be used with the PC version ( only!) via LuaBackend or LuaFrontend, and with the PS2 version via PCSX2-EX. This mod is intended to be used with the Garden of Assemblage mod and the Randomizer mod, but can be used without them.
The generator offers multiple modes of randomization:
  • Single Path: All rooms in the game will be connected to each other as a single group.
  • Two Paths: Each door leading out of the GoA will lead to a separate set of rooms.
  • Seven Paths: One of the doors leading from the GoA will lead to Cornerstone Hill. The six other doors in Cornerstone Hill will all lead to separate paths. The other door from GoA will also lead to its own path.
  • Branches: Rooms with more than two exits will cause a split in the path, leading to a more complex arrangement.
  • Separate Worlds: All the doors in each world will be randomized within that world. Disables GoA, 100AW, Atlantica, Port Royal, and Space Paranoids.
  • Wild: Any door can connect to any other door. Probably won't be completable.
Additionally, there is an option to play with two-way doors (if door A leads to door B, going through door B takes you back to door A) or one-way doors (door A leads to door B, going through door B takes you to door C). Worlds can also be individually toggled on or off.
Once you have the settings you want, click the Randomize button to generate a Lua script. You can also use the Save Seed button to use with the door tracker or the upcoming editor, or save a spreadsheet listing every door's new destination with the Spoilers button.

  • Entering a room before you're 'supposed' to get to it tends to put it at a default state where all doors in the room will be opened, no enemies will spawn, no NPCs will appear, and other obstacles will be missing. Once you progress each world's story to the point you would normally access the room it will reset to its normal appearance.
  • Some rooms change appearance during the story (LoD Village, HB Bailey, etc). These are generally implemented as two separate versions of the room, and both will be included in the randomization pool separately.
  • The following worlds will automatically start the story upon entering a certain room:
    • The Land of Dragons - Bamboo Grove
    • Beast's Castle - Entrance Hall
    • Olympus Coliseum - The Coliseum
    • Agrabah - Agrabah
    • Atlantica - Undersea Courtyard
    • Disney Castle - Gummi Hangar
    • Halloween Town - Hinterlands
    • Port Royal - Rampart
    • Space Paranoids - Canyon
    • The World That Never Was - Alley to Between
  • When using the GoA mod, Twilight Town can be switched between Roxas' story and Sora's story by using the appropriate portal in the GoA. If Roxas' story is active, any time you enter a Twilight Town room you will become Roxas.
  • All doors that become blocked off with a message ("This isn't the right way!" etc) are always open, however doors that are physically blocked off/not present until certain story conditions are met will still be inaccessible. These doors will not be used for the main path, to ensure the maximum number of accessible rooms at all times.
  • Entering Pit Cell before starting the story in Space Paranoids and walking past the wall you have to delete will lock you into the room with no way out.
  • Re-entering Colonnade after finishing that part of the Minnie escort mission but before finishing the part in Audience Chamber will crash the game.
  • Exiting a door to the upper part of The West Hall after starting the story but before completing the minigame in Secret Passage will lock you off.
  • If playing with the randomizer, setting item distribution to Easy/Super Easy and everything to first visits only will ensure minimal frustration and zigzagging across the entire game.
  • If using the GoA mod, having GoA on while Atlantica or 100AW are off will make those worlds inaccessible.
  • You can press R1+Triangle (PS2)/RB+Y (PC) to disable randomization for the next door you step through, in case you get locked off from somewhere you need to go.
  • Cutscenes will occasionally transport you into a different room than the randomizer would normally take you to.

Also included is a tracker program, which will show you the name of the room you're currently in, all the doors in the room with their original and randomized destinations displayed after you've entered them at least once, which room you need to go to for the story in each world, and a search feature to find the path to any room you've been to before, or the closest unknown door. To use it, simply select the seed file you get from the randomizer program, and it will automatically detect and attach to a running copy of KH2 PC or PCSX2-EX. When you're done, you can close the program and optionally save the doors you've entered into the seed file, to continue later.