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  • how to install the mod

    put the content of the .rar archive in the "mods" folder in your main game repertory, if there is no folder named mods create it....

  • KCD MOD Merger (semi-automatization)

    KCD semi-automatic fool MOD integration tool.

  • Aggiornamenti

    Nessun aggiornamento in corso......

  • Knight and Assassin Starter Pack

    Start a new game in Skalitz on Kingdom Come Deliverance as Henry, a returning home Knight of Talmberg! or Brigand hunter, Assassin.
    This save file requires NO mods, no cheats and very little effort to install!
    This is not an ultimate starter but it will give you a STRONG foothold as a trained fighter!...

  • How to make your very own GUI adjustments

    If my mod does not bring your preferred GUI layout, you can easily make your very own. This is a possible way to achieve this:

    1. Install Gimp
    2. Install an addon for Gimp that allows you to open dds files (e.g. )
    3. Navigate to ...\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance\Data
    4. Copy gamedata.pak to a temp folder to work with a copy
    5. Extract gamedata.pak. This will give you three folders named: Libs, Materials and Prefabs
    6. Navigate to ...\Libs\UI\Textures
    7. Open the desired file with Gimp (e.g., which contains the compass background, your reticle, healthbar and some other textures).
    8. Make your changes and export your changes to ...

  • Blade Master Sword Rebalance

    Blade Master Sword Rebalance:  New to Blood and Iron Overhauls is the Blade Master sword rebalance.  Its purpose is to implement a standardized, consistent, and coherent system for determining the statistics and functionality of the game’s swords.  It determines a sword’s stats based on three criteria:

    Type:  Longsword, short sword, hunting sword, saber, etc.

    Quality of craftsmanship:  Poor, Average, Good, Fine, Excellent, Exquisite, and Masterful.

    Material:  Iron, Steel, or Damascus Steel.

    *Base damage is set by weapon type, modified by quality.

    *Damage modifiers for attack type are based on weapon type, modified by quality.

    *Item health is based on material, modified by quality.

  • Blood and Iron Perk System

    Blood and Iron Perk System:


    *Perks have no level requirements

    *There are no exclusive perks.  Combine contradicting perks to create new ones

    *Existing perks have been rebalanced to accommodate this structure

    Example:  Race Horse now confers +20% speed and -10% carry capacity;Heavy Duty Pony confers +20% carry capacity and -10% speed.  Combine the two for a compromise that grants +10% speed and +10% carry capacity.

    New Bow Perks

    *Headshot:  Strikes to the head are 5% more likely to knock out an enemy

    *Breath Control I:  Your stamina is increased by +10%

    *Breath Control II:  Your stamina is increased by +15%

    *Breath Control II...

  • about this mod

    Why do I did this? Because I didn't like the fencing game in shape that Warhorse released it.Almost from the beginning of game the ultimate kill tactic is "right click them all to death", which not fun for me at all. Full plate armored guys could be killed by a few  punctures or sword swings, which is absurd.I wanted all that "parry, combos, ripostes and thick fencing opponents"I recommend to play with URO mod with additional  strengthen armor stats. ATM for char with 15+ overall stats I recommend to use x2 slash/thrust and x1.5 blunt armor stats, test vary and choose your prefer.What would I like to do more and where's community help would be great:1. I like to remake riposte mechanic so what you  need to press Q for perfect block with your weapon in same direction with opponent weapon...

  • Customize Locatization of your mod

    In \Data\Mods folder your mod should has following structure:

    +- Data
    +- Localization
            german_xml.pak (optional/additional other languages)

    Content of yourmodname.pak:
        +- Localization

    In localization.xml:
    <entry>text_ui_HUD.xml</entry>          <-- vanilla entry unchanged + must be stay here
    <entry>text_ui_ingame.xml</entry> ...

  • Background Info

    The localization control file \Libs\Localization\localization.xml
    is initialized only once.
    Or if several mods contain this file, then the mod loaded at the end
    overwrites the versions of all previous mods.
    Die Lokalisations-Steuerungsdatei \Libs\Localization\localization.xml
    wird nur einmal initialisiert.
    Oder wenn mehrere Mods diese Datei enthalten, dann
    überschreibt die am Schluss geladene Mod die Versionen aller vorherigen Mods....

  • UROInstaller - Troubleshooting Guide

    Version 1.0.3

    Welcome to the Ultimate Realism Overhaul Installer Troubleshooting Guide

    This page is designed to be a useful tool for troubleshooting any problems with your UROInstall.
    Please read this page fully before posting any installer related bug-reports!

    The UROInstaller is a totally unique way of installing Ultimate Realism Overhaul.
    No other KC:D mods on the nexus attempt such a customisable, modular, and use-friendly installation experience!
    With UROInstaller you can tweak certain game values to your own preference.
    Do you want the player to digest food slower? You can change that!
    Do you want your base inventory capacity to be slightly lower? You can change that!


  • NPC - Merchants More Gold v1.0 work from v1.3.3

    NPC - Merchants More Gold v1.0
    To modyfikacja, której autorem jest by:Inkwizycja. Czyli ja :D
    To zajebisty, ale bardzo przydatny mod, który znacząco zwiększa majętność kupców i handlarzy. 
    W normalnej grze po pewnym czasie możemy mieć problem ze sprzedażą rzeczy, gdyś potencjalni kupcy nie dysponują środkami pozwalającymi im kupić nasze dobra. 
    Trzeba dodać wiecej grosza żeby mieli na Chleb xd :) 
    Kupcy mają o wiele wiecej grosiwa przy sobie :D 
    kupcy co mają 1zł-> teraz mają 15zł
    kupcy co mają 2zł-> teraz mają 20zł
    kupcy co mają 5zł-> teraz mają 25zł
    kupcy co mają 10zł-> teraz mają 40zł
    kupcy co mają 20zł->...

  • Tutorial

    Welcome in this short tutorial article which main purpose is to provide answer for hopefully all questions regarding "How to use PIKE".

    1. How to import mod into PIKE from downloaded file

    If you downloaded mod in .zip format then you can simply use button.

    And select zipped mod file. Upon accepting PIKE will unpack that archive and put its content into its own MODS folder.

    If however downloaded archive file is not in ZIP format or PIKE from whatever reason is unable to unpack it - then in order to import it you need to unpack it manually into PIKE MODS folder (one configured in Configuration tab in PIKE).

    While unpacking be sure to extract mods content into separate folder and not directly into PIKE MODS...

  • Joew's Kingdom Come Deliverance Mods Manager

    I made this program to help you easily manage your mods for Kingdom Come Deliverance.


    - Enable and Disable Mods
    - Set Mods priority
    - Delete Mods

    - Set the Game Folder Path. The game folder is the root folder, which one that contains the folders: bin , Data, Engine ...
    - Click Save button to save changes.
    - Before Save, make sure KCD game isn't running.
    - Click on Refresh button after unzip new mods to your mod's folder while Mod Manager is openned.

    Kingdom Come Deliverance v1.3+ to work. Works with both Steam and GOG versions....

  • Saving Everywhere

    This was a quest for trying to enable to save the game while in a quest. And the only reason that was important is because of the bugs in the game that causes the game to crash. But certainly this wasn't the only goal as improving the way the game was saved was equally important which can save time on not going down and constantly renaming your savegame folder or overwriting the older savegame files. Even though it took me an entire day to achieve this, I finally managed to do it. And I was very, very close at giving up at some point because I went the wrong way to begin with. But then I got a lucky break and finally understood some of my mistakes. This was a fun experience and I'm glad that it only took me 1 day and no more. I'm also satisfied with most of my results and I can now enjoy t...

  • Perkaholic (Russian)


    Перейдите в папку «Data» вашей игры. (по умолчанию : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance\Data)
    Извлеките zzz_perkaholic_ <ver> .pak в папку «Data».
    Извлеките russian_xml.pak в папку «Localization».

    Другие моды, использующие russian_xml.pak, должны быть адаптированы или будет конфликт.


    Этот мод вносит изменения в следующие файлы и, следовательно, будет конфликтовать с другими модами, кото...

  • Perk Overview

    Featherweight II
    Falling will cause you 50% less injury.

    Featherweight III
    Falling will cause you 75% less injury.

    Fighting Stance I
    Your attacks will demand 5% less stamina.

    Fighting Stance II
    Your attacks will demand 7.5% less stamina.

    Fighting Stance III
    Your attacks will demand 10% less stamina.

    Increases your Speech level by +3 in the countryside. You can't have the Townsman perk simultaneously.

    Increases your Speech level by +3 in towns and villages. You can't have the Yokel perk simultaneously.

    Firm Grip II
    Blocking an opponent's strikes with your shield will cost him 20% more stamina.


  • Old Announcements

    I made this article more for my own reference than anything, so please feel free to ignore it completely.

    Alright! I was having trouble updating the mod properly for some reason, since the first upload was missing the .tbl file it needed to work properly, but I managed to correctly upload a copy of the mod that does actually have the right files in it! Yay! It should work just fine now. Sorry about that 

    *I'm using the articles section simply because I wanted somewhere to throw old announcements, and this seemed a reasonable enough place. Partly for folks to look back at in case there's any reason to (I dunno maybe old update info, there's not all that much reason really, but still), and partly just so I can come back and copy/paste up an old default announcement...

  • Kingdom Come more effective weahter effects

     Kingdom Come More Puddles gives you more immersive experience when it rains

    in vanilla game we wait over 30 min to see puddles but as soon as rain stops puddles disappear  in 1 min. 

    with this the more it rains the more puddles we get over time and when it stops it takes longer times to dry up it can take full in game  night to dry up

    the distance of puddles is increased to. In vanilla we saw 70m now we see 10 000m 

    the tweaks has no impact to performance. No idea why this effect was toned down. Maybe simply design choice  ...

  • MyChoise ReShade

    MyChoise is a ReShade  for Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    its only a ReShade.  Just try it!!