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Hi everyone,

Congratulations on all the awesome mods you've already managed to get out there for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Due to the unmitigated success of KCD (congratulations to Warhorse!) user demand for mods is extremely strong. To make specific types of mods a bit easier to find, we've added some categories to our modding section which should help you to better organise the files on the site.

The current categories are:
  • AI and NPC
  • Armour 
  • Audio 
  • Cheats
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics and Visuals
  • Miscellaneous
  • Model Replacement
  • Performance
  • Player and Inventory
  • Saved Games
  • Texture Replacement
  • User Interface
  • Utilities and Tools 
  • Weapons

As and when a need for more categories arises, we'll add them. In the meantime, if you're a mod author please take a look at your file(s) and see if there's a better category fit for them now.

Well done, again. Some of these mods have been invaluable for my playthrough, let alone everyone else's!


  1. Chronak
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    Zdar Všecí bylo by možno kdo má nastarost z autoru modifikací grafický textur udelat i napr. krevní textury nebo louže krve pri zabití neprítele
  2. tigressmichelle
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    how about adding other dragon age and mass effects to mod manager
    1. DiabloInvictus
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      if you're talking about NMM, then if you don't already know, NMM is no longer officially supported and hasn't been for a while. it is however community supported instead
  3. atINKIX
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    Will Vortex or NMM support KC:D?
    1. LtFirestarter
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      I sure hope it will too! *Fingerscrossed*
  4. Hoamaii
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    Nice, thanks.
    But can't find the tab for authors to set their mods' tags - anybody can tell me how to access it? Thanks.
    1. literallybyronic
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      it's right below the image gallery, you just tag it as a normal user afaik
  5. Jinxxed0
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    Is there an official place where we can suggest categories for games?
    Some games, like Skyrim need the category Character Presets
    1. AlanPaul
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      Good point actually. Racemenu Preset already exists as a tag, but would be good as a separate Category since the number of such mods is quite large.
  6. Ablaze666
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    Thanks a lot! Kingdom Come: Deliverance was a real surprise for me. I only played a few hours so far but it's just awesome.
    To be honest I didn't knew this game is moddable, great news!