Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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Adds a new stealth armor set. Each item has a unique buff. The items are obtained by doing the Thick as Thieves quests from the Miller guild or if you already completed them you can buy the items from the miller's

Permissions and credits
  • Polish
My Motivation:
I absolutely love Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I felt pretty bad when I realized that most of the KC:D MODs here on Nexus are outdated and some of them maybe not safe to use anymore. As I really appreciate the hard work Modder's put into their creations, I decided that I have to return something. I'm not a really good coder so updating some of the mods is the right way to do so for me.

This mod adds 10 new items to the game. They will be the best stealth items you can in your playthrough (slightly better defense and conspicuous/visibility/noise then generic items.). Each item provides you with a buff when worn. All items are earned by completing the "Thick and Thieves" quests. If you have done the quest line already you can buy the items from the millers.

Croaker999 was unhappy with the mismatched stealth set that he had cobbled together in the game. He wanted something better. Highly inspired from the Midnight Armor Set (v1.9 Compatible) mod by hankyspanky69boi he started off with that and began tweaking the mod for his personal needs. He changed items and colors and modified the item values. Now probably all of the items are unique to the set.


  • Miller Guild Items - PTF Edition
  • All items are using version 4 UUIDs (item id and clothing id). Armor changed to black. Rebalanced item prices and stats. 10% more durability and defense. 10% less noise, visibility and conspicuousness. Item prices are 10% higher than their counterparts.
  • Miller Guild Items - Retro - PTF
  • Original mod without the changes. Ported for the use of patched table files. Items are all about 20% more durable, with 10% better defense and 10% less noise/visibility than their best counterparts. All of the clothing items are considered 'leather' and repairable with an armor kit instead of a tailor kit.

The Item Buffs:
It was not Croaker999's intention to make a super suit. It will only help you when you need to 'borrow something and replace it with nothing', but you will still need your plate suit when you are facing a big challenge. Items must be equipped to get their buff. You will see each buff under the 'buff' tab in the character menu.


How to Obtain:
All of these items are added as quest rewards from the 9 miller quests (Peschek, Simon and Woyzeck). For each successful completed quest, you will get an item or two in addition to the original few Groschen.

How to install:

  • I recommend using the Vortex Mod Manager as all my files are optimized for this purpose.
  • If you prefer under any circumstance to install manually download the file from the "file" page.
  • Double click the zip archive and pull the folder (or simply extract it) into your KingdomComeDeliverance/Mods folder.
  • The path to this folder may varies from version to version (GOG, Steam, Epic) and your preferred install location for games.


Important Information
All of my mods are compatible to each other because of using patched table files. No more overwriting of values. But only if you don't mix 'em up with outdated mods (overwriting problem)

Patched Files:


Original Mod:

Warhorse Studios for making a great game!

Special Thanks goes to:
Hogal for Graphics Design and Support.