Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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Loosens up the targeting system and makes it easier to move around in a fight and engage multiple opponents at once.

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UPDATE: Massive changes have been added to the file based on your feedback. Locking should be less twitchy, more forgiving, and smoother to transition between targets. Distance has been increased over the defaults so you can now pick your targets from further away, while still retaining control of your movement and camera. Thanks to everyone who's provided feedback and bug reports!

1.04 Improvements:
- Camera control should no longer stolen from the player unless attacking, being grabbed, or clinching. You can still manual lock.
- Slightly longer range for intentional locking now possible.
- Freelook during combat without your camera adhering to enemies except in striking distance.
- And more.

Please continue providing feedback in the comments!

About this mod:

This is a simple config file that tweaks some of the game settings to allow you more control over who you're targeting and how you want to maneuver during a fight. Currently this is only tested for Keyboard & Mouse controls, but I am going to look into testing with my Gamepad later.

The primary goal of this mod is to improve Dynamic locking and it has has loosened up the camera controls significantly during your fights in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Dynamic locking is still tight enough that you can execute combos but it no longer forces you to stay locked to a single target as it does in the vanilla game. Manual locking distances have been slightly increased, allowing you to select your target from a crowd and move in to engage them without all of the hassles present in the default targeting system! If you want to wade into a crowd and throw punches wildly, this will allow you to do just that, without losing the benefit of your powerful Perfect Blocking and Ripostes.

This file will overwrite any existing User.cfg file you have, so if you would like to combine your existing config with this one, just copy and paste the contents onto the end and save the file. If you want to remove the mod it's as simple as deleting the lines out of your User.cfg, or deleting the entire User.cfg if you have no other custom commands inside of it.

Update Log:
1.04 - Increased lock distance, all but removed forced camera guidance when not in striking distance.
1.01 - Removed angle to unlock lines, as they caused issues with fighting up hills. Default values are fine.