Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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Easy Mode for Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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This mod changes Normal Mode to Easy Mode. The Easy Mode is balanced to give the player overall easier gameplay without either being too easy (like playing with cheats) or shutting some of the game features completely off. The intent is to keep the gameplay the way it was designed to be, just easier. As a byproduct, the Hardcore Mode is changed to Semi-Hardcore Mode which is easier to play than regular Hardcore Mode, but retains the specific features of Hardcore Mode, such as negative perks and the player's location not being visible on the map.
Vast majority of the changes in this mod can be benefited from just by playing on your playline with the mod. Some of the changes, however, will only take place when you start a new playline with the mod already installed.

Installation: Put the contents of the ZIP file into "Mods" folder in your Kingdom Come folder (e.g. YourSteamInstalationFolder\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance). If the "Mods" folder does not exist yet, create it.

List of changes:

Easier beginning of the game:

- Henry receives +2 to every stat he picks from his first dialog with mother, instead of +1
- In order to ease the player into the save system at the beginning of the game, Henry receives 10 Saviour Schnappses instead of 5 from Bianca
- To help the player with his first lockpicking in Skalitz, Henry now receives 10 lockpicks from Fritz instead of 6
- Arrows of the Cumans that chase Henry from Skalitz will hurt him less, making the escape easier
- In order to help the player get started in pickpocketing, the pickpocketing tutorial quest with Peshek now gives Henry higher pickpocketing level
- When the player asks Peshek for help with lockpicking, Henry receives XP bonus to the lockpicking skill
- Quest which teaches Henry to read also starts him with a higher level


- You get more money as a reward in quests
- Skill trainers have lower prices
- Horses are cheaper
- Indulgence prices are lower
- Equipment repairing is cheaper


- Level required to unlock Sic! perk is lowered to 3, Nice Doggy has been pushed up to level 5
- Hunt perk is automatically unlocked when Henry gets his dog, so that you can start using and leveling him up doing something sensible
- You can now unlock all perks in the Houndmaster skill
- Default minimum for Mutt's morale is higher
- Houndmaster skill is leveling up faster when Mutt hits or kills an enemy, discovers a POI or fetches a hare
- Mutt still obeys your orders with lower morale
- Mutt returns to Henry faster after running off due to low morale
- Feeding and praising Mutt raises his morale faster


- Negative effects of starvation take longer to appear
- Negative effects of exhaustion take longer to appear
- Henry gets exhausted and hungry slower
- Food heals Henry faster
- Conserved food decays slower
- Health regenerates faster when sleeping
- Clothing gets dirty slower
- Bleeding is slower


- Bow charges faster
- Drawn bow takes longer to start to drain stamina
- Holding a drawn bow drains less stamina
- Bow zoom feature is unlocked earlier
- Once bow zoom is unlocked, it is maxed right from the started, instead of being gradually increased with higher levels
- Bow sways way less when aiming
- Enemies are slightly less likely to perform a Master Strike or a Perfect Block
- Perfect blocks and ripostes are easier to perform on lower levels / in early game
- Stamina recharges slightly faster when blocking
- Enemies are slightly less aggressive (intervals between their attacks are a bit longer)


- Lockpicking cursor shakes less and slower
- Leveling lockpicking lowers cursor shake more
- Lockpicking gives more XP to stealth
- Successfully picking a lock giver more XP
- Lockpicks breake slower and it's harder to break them instantly


- Pickpocketing charges faster
- Henry gets more XP per stolen item value
- It's easier to pickpocket sleeping NPCs
- Penalty for pickpocketing NPC at an inconvenient angle is lower
- Failing pickpocketing gives more XP
- Successful pickpocketing gives more XP
- Pickpocketing gives more XP to stealth

Alchemy and Herbalism:

- Successful brewing gives more XP
- Autobrewing gives more XP
- Tolerance for mistakes during brewing is higher
- Each Alchemy level raises the brewing tolerance even more
- Leveling up Herbalism raises the radius in which herbs are picked more
- Herbalism levels up faster when picking herbs


- Fall damage has been considerably lowered. It is harder to lose stamina, get hurt, or die due to a fall
- Leveling up agility further lowers fall damage even more
- Negative effects of alcohol on Agility, Charisma, Speech, Strength and Vitality are lowered
- Henry is able to mount a horse despite being more encumbered
- Horse is less likely to throw Henry off its back
- Inventory capacity (carry weight) is higher
- Leveling up Strength raises Henry's inventory capacity more
- Jumping and sprinting costs less stamina
- Stamina regenerates faster
- Released Prisoner debuff is shorter and weaker

Experience, stats, skills and leveling:

- You get more XP as a reward in quests
- Skillbooks and statbooks have lower minimal level requirements and give more XP
- Speech is leveled faster when talking
- Henry gets more XP into vitality from moving, jumping, vaulting and killing enemies
- Your reputation now has higher positive influence on stats you use in skillchecks
- Henry gets more XP from opening and reading books, as well as studying them
- Skills level up faster
- Using repair kits levels up the Maintenance skill faster
- Hunting game gives more XP to Hunting skill
- Blocking, perfect blocking, hitting or killing an enemy and performing a combo or riposte gives more XP to weapon skills
- Hitting or killing an enemy gives more XP to stats
- Stealth kill and takedown, successful or not, gives more XP


- Runt's attacks are weaker in duel with Henry in battle of Pribislavitz
- Roadside events where Henry is ambushed now have less NPCs in them and ambushes by just one NPC are more common
- Archery contestants have slightly lowered skills, and are therefore easier opponents
- Losing in any archery contest or winning one of the easier ones yields more XP
- Farkle (dice) opponents are slightly easier to beat
- NPCs are a bit slower to discover/recognize you (stealth/crime)
- Positive changes to your reputation are higher
- Negative changes to your reputation are lower
- Saviour Schnapps weighs less
- Large repair kits weigh less
- All skillchecks in dialogs have been made slightly easier
- Healing potions heal faster and more
- Long term accommodation prices in Inns have been lowered
- Repair kits last longer
- It is easier to sharpen a weapon in the sharpening minigame and harder to damage it
- Related menu texts are changed in English and Czech languages
- Related menu texts are changed and displayed in English when playing in French, German, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish or Turkish

If you find any bugs or have remarks about some aspects of the game still being too hard (or too easy), feel free to write in the comments.


- Vanilla

- Added XP bonus to Lockpicking when Peshek instructs Henry
- Changed Hunt perk, so that it's automatically unlocked once Henry gets Mutt
- All Houndmaster perks can now be unlocked simultaneously

- Considerably lowered chances of an NPC to perform a Master Strike or a Perfect Block
- Changed localization files of French, German, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish to show mod related text in the menus in English - not a proper translation, but now it's clear that the mod is installed correctly when playing in any of the supported languages

- Preserved food now decays slower
- Henry gets hungry and exhausted even slower

- Enemies are now slightly less aggressive (intervals between their attacks are a bit longer)