Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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This mod turns on volumetric shadows for fog, making it look better and more realistic.

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  • Installation: Put the contents of the ZIP file into your Kingdom Come folder (e.g. YourSteamInstalationFolder\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance), so that the cfg file is in the root of the game as well as the "Mods" folder with the mod files in it 

  • Note that if you change graphics presets in the game, the fog shadows reset back to default (turned off) until the next game restart. You can re-enable them by pressing "~" and typing "r_FogShadows 1" in the console

  • This mod doesn't use volumetric fog (e_VolumetricFog), which looks nice, but is unfortunately homogeneously spread over the whole map (in buildings as well) and is present in any weather and time of day, always in the same amount and colour. Instead, this mod works with the regular fog that the game normally uses and just turns on its "volumetric" (deferred) shadows. The effect is therefore only visible when it makes sense, that is, when it's foggy weather and sun casts shadows through the fog 

  • If necessary, you can reduce the resolution of the fog shadows by changing the value of r_FogShadows in autoexec.cfg to "2"

  • The mod is compatible with KCD versions 1.9.X