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A mod that makes the KCD combat system more balanced and reasonable.

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I have to say that MASTER STRIKES ruined the KCD combat system totally. It's too easy for both players and NPCs. If some untrained peasants could easily make a MASTER STRIKE, why we call it MASTER STRIKE anyway? It’s also strange that opponents who have just made several MASTER STRIKES in a row then suddenly could not make a simple block. Most sadly making combos no use at all for I'm a combos lover.
So the core purpose of this mod is to increase the difficulty of making a MASTER STRIKE for both players and NPCs, and also to make the NPCs' combat behavior more balanced and reasonable.

Change Logs
Still works well with Patch 1.9.1.
  • v1.2
Updated for Patch 1.9.0.
  1. Decreased the MS values and PB values of all versions by a small amount.
  2. Increased the Dodge values of all versions by a small amount, in order not to make the combos too easy.
  • v1.1
  • optional files
Updated for Patch 1.7.1(optional files).
  • v1.01
All files have been replaced with .zip files.
  1. Decreased the PB value and MS value of the Hardcore Version by a small amount.

  1. Decreased the NB value of the Hardcore Version and increased the same value to the PB value.


  • The vanilla MS value/PB value = 70.59%  - Too easy.
  • The Hardcore Version MS value/PB value = 50.00% - It's quite difficult to make a master strike when fighting against a master swordsman. A quick reaction alone might not help you well now, you would need to predict the timing of the attack.
  • The Longer Reaction Time Version MS value/PB value = 61.80% - Much easier than the Hardcore Version.

  • This mod decreases the vanilla MS value, 
  • increases the same value to the PB value(The Hardcore Version has a higher value.),
  • increases the NB value in the same proportion(The Longer Reaction Time Version only.),
  • also increases half the value to the Dodge value.

This makes the NPCs' combat behavior more balanced and reasonable now, they will no longer switch themselves between master swordsmen and peasants like I said before.
 (MS value = Master Strike value, PB value = Perfect Block value, NB value = Normal Block value)

There are two versions and two optional files
  • More Balanced And Reasonable Combat System - the hardcore version MS value/PB value = 50.00%
  • More Balanced And Reasonable Combat System - Longer Reaction Time - the longer reaction time version MS value/PB value = 61.80%
  • More Balanced And Reasonable Combat System - Stay Clean Longer Compatible(optional file) - Stay Clean Longer Compatible version
  • More Balanced And Reasonable Combat System LRT - Stay Clean Longer Compatible(optional file) - Stay Clean Longer Compatible version

  • Download the file you need, choose only one file.
  • Navigate to your Kingdom Come: Deliverance game folder in the Steam folder. The default is X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance\.
  • Extract the contents of the zip file you're using into your KCD game folder.
*If you want to use the Stay Clean Longer Compatible versions and you are using Stay Clean Longer - Get Dirty Gradually by Mad General , please delete the "StayCleanLongerGetDirtyGradually" folder from the folder "Mods" in your KCD game folder.

  • Delete the folder from the folder "Mods" in your KCD game folder.

This mod will conflict with other mods that edit "rpg_param.xml", "perk_rpg_param_override.xml"(optional file).

Thanks to Mad General and his mod Stay Clean Longer - Get Dirty Gradually.
*Stay Clean Longer Compatible versions have the same value which Mad General has given me the permission to use.

Thanks to EkErilaz and his experience sharing.

Also thanks to the Nexus Mods Community.

And I highly recommend this mod, No Mo' Slow Mo - Configurable Slow Motion by Raok/R40k. (NOT Compatible with "No AI Master Strikes" optional file.)
If you use this mod and No Mo' Slow Mo at the same time, the combat system will be amazing again.