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A reworking and rebalance of KCD's swords

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A rebalance and reworking of KCD's swords

Fully compliant with KCD 1.4.2
Current Version:  1.0
Last Updated: 
April 16th, 2018

The purpose of this mod is to implement a standardized, consistent, and coherent system for determining the statistics and functionality of the game’s swords.  It determines a sword’s stats based on three criteria:

Type:  Longsword, short sword, hunting sword, saber, etc.

Quality of craftsmanship:  Poor, Average, Good, Fine, Excellent, Exquisite, and Masterful.

Material:  Iron, Steel, or Damascus Steel.

Mod Features:

*Base damage is set by weapon type, modified by quality.

*Damage modifiers for attack type are based on weapon type, modified by quality.

*Item health is based on material, modified by quality.

*Defensive value and stat requirements are based on weapon type.

*Swords (excluding unique ones) have been renamed based on these factors:  Average Iron Sword, Fine Steel Longsword, Excellent Damascus Saber, etc.

*Charisma bonus is based on type, quality, and material.

*Swords, as high status symbols, are more expensive than in the vanilla game.

Optional File:

*A Sorted Inventory by HaslamI, updated for use with this mod
Used with his kind permission


*If you do not already ahve one, create a new folder in your KCD game folder called "Mods"

*Open the archive and place the folder inside in your Mods folder

Instructions for adding optional "A Sorted Inventory" file to Blade Master Sword Redux:

*Extract "A_Sorted_Inventory_BIO_BMSR" onto your desktop or wherever covenant.

*Open the mod folder for your target mod, either BIO or BMSR (they both use it).

*Move the "Localization" folder from "A_Sorted_Inventory_BIO_BMSR" into the mod folder of your target mod, either BIO or BMSR.

*Overwrite when prompted.

*You're done; play and enjoy!

Blood and Iron Overhaul:  These changes have been incorporated in Blood and Iron Overhaul 1.3.  For older versions of that mod, a version of Blade Master is available in the downloads section.  There are three ways to combine the two mods:

Load Order:  Make sure that Blade Master loads after Blood and Iron overhaul.

Mod Merger:  Give priority to Blade Master’s files over those of Blood and iron overhaul.

Manual Merging (Recommended):

*Using 7zip, extract the files from Blade Master’s pak file.

*Using 7zip select Blood and Iron Overhaul’s pak file and select “Open Archive.”

*Drag and drop the “Libs” folder you extracted from BM into the archive for BIO and overwrite.


Compatibility:  The following files are altered by Blade Master:



Future Plans: 
Once the modding tools are made available and adding new items is easier I will be expanding the number of new weapon variants, allowing for a greater diversity of specific weapon types.  For example, an average quality steel long sword might have a few variants that are designed to be better at stabbing or slashing attacks, heavier or lighter than other versions, etc.

This mod is included in Blood and Iron Overhaul which can be found HERE.