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Increases the difficulty of the game while keeping the realism without cheat.

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Difficulty Overhaul

Would you like to change the difficulty of the game while keeping the realism and without cheat ? This mod is for you !
It's an Overhaul for more realism.
They are separate modules so if you don't like one, you have the choice to skip it.


Realism Food
Cooking pot no longuer give 25 food, but 9, making it more balanced.
Thirst is represented ; alcohol or fat/sugar food waste refresh while water/fruits/veggies give refresh.
Lazarus potion gives 80hp instead of 100.

Realism Greetings
No more Henry has come to see us ! No more greeting barking. All other still remain - torch missing by night, stealth, weapon drawn.

Realism Perks
Perks are too powerfull. SPOILER ALERT !
Minimum level required raised :
Lvl9 Headcracker
10 Heavy Swing
10 Blood Rush
9 Golem
6 Bloodletter
10 Serrated Edge
10 Tin Opener
6 Crouching
5 Insomniac
Minimum level required lowered : 7initially -> now 4 for Routine1 (alchemy)

Realism Prices
Merchants will buy your objectswith lower prices, while selling you equipment with increased price.
Small towns will have slightly better price to encourage you to visit their merchants.
Renting a house (bed for one night) now costs 10-20 groschen instead of 2.

Realism Weapons
The minimum agility or strength of the weapons has been modified, except for tier1 beginner.
Shortsword : AGI+1
Sabre AGI-1, no change if AGI required was superior to 9
Axe STR+1, +2 for 10 to 14
Longswords STR+2
Mace STR+1
Shield STR+2; durability -15 because shields were nearly unbreakable
Bow AGI+1


Put the .pak file in
C:\Steam\Kingdom Come Deliverance\Data
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance\Data
(or in the mod folder)

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