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Caesar's Royal Overhaul is a mod to provide you more immersion into Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Many game mechanics and items have been modified to increase immersion into game, realism and increasing quality of life. This mod is recommended if you find vanilla Kingdom Come: Deliverance too easy.

Permissions and credits
All game files edited are used from 1.4.3 patch.

  • You earn much less experience for all types of actions except speech, stealth, pickpocketing and lockpicking.

  • Now Henry has to eat. Eat a lot. You get hungry and lose energy a lot quicker.
  • All nourishment levels except cauldrons are equal to vanilla, but food prices have been overhauled completely. New prices calculated based on food decay time, nourishment, healing and energy bonuses. 
  • Human Dustbin perk completely removed from game. It's a cheat perk ruining KCD food system. 

  • More interactive and very punishing. 
  • On the start of game enemies are very close to those in vanilla, but the higher their level - stronger they become. 
  • Enemies use perfect blocks and master strikes much less. Henry has to use perfect blocks to actually survive enemy attacks, especially with low lvl armors. 
  • You have to use alchemy potions and bandages more often, especially if you're outnumbered or enemy is much stronger.
  • You can no longer one shot enemies with same gear level.
  • Attack more aggressive while in groups.
  • Perks revamped and made weaker.
  • You have less window for perfect block.

  • Traders have a lot more money and restock by next opening hours (this is more a quality of life type change).
  • Maintenance skill revamped, now you can repair 0% items, once at lvl 20 Maintenance - Henry is a blacksmith's son. Also now you can repair all the loot from bandits before selling, this will make you earn 7-15% more money.
  • Repair kits' durability, weight and price increased, but are perfectly balanced with previous change.
  • Training at any skill level, but training costs 3 times more and max level you can learn from trainers is 12.
  • Armor decorated with gold are very expensive to acquire, and there are no other ways to get them than buying from armourers.

  • Now you actually want to get next tier. Each new tier horse stronger than previous. Especially tier 5 horses, which have 20 of all stats (choose not stat wise, but the looking). 
  • Horses get ridiculously expensive, price range is from 250 groschen up to 50 thousand groschens. Remember that royal people get the best and the most expensive horses ^^. 
  • You will want to get next tier horse as soon as you have enough money, thanks to revamped trade-in system, you will lose only 5% in price.

Item rebalancing:
  • Armor defense fully revised, plate armor have more defense and are more expensive to acquire
  • Queen of Sheba's sword is now the best and the most expensive in game. So you actually have a reason to do that questline.
  • Black pourpoin has been buffed alot, it's as good as top gambeson and top combat jacket AND it looks fancier too. Use it if you're annoyed with graphics bugs for jackets and gambesons.
  • Arrows damage nerfed by 40%. Now you have to aim for unarmored parts of body. Fully plated enemies extremely difficult to kill with a bow.

Quality of life tweaks:
  • More weight bonus from strength.
  • First person herb gathering is here to serve you. No more camera annoyance.
  • Alcoholism debuff not being removed bug fixed. Now it takes 7 days of ingame time to completely remove full alcoholism (if you drank spirits and digestion potions all the way from lvl 1 to 20)

This mod is inspired by Knoxogoshi's Ultimate Realism Overhaul, but almost all aspects have been fully revised and revamped.
First person herb picking is originally made by CryptLoad, and it's an absolute must have.

PS: If you find yourself stuck at any point of game and cant beat enemies you face - try to earn money from non-combat activities (hunting, herbalism, alchemy). And use alchemy potions, the have a great impact on fight outcome.