Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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Replaces the vanilla player icon with AE86 on the map. Now you can blast eurobeat while fast travelling and watch as your character drifts through tight corners of medieval bohemia.

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Replacement for the vanilla player icon

I made this mod for a meme video I uploaded to my YT channel.
It didn't take me a lot of time and work, but I still felt like I wasted a lot of time making this solely for one stupid video, so I decided to at least share this stupid mod with you.

Enjoy ;)

When I first uploaded this mod, I felt like it would be quite funny if I made this Mod page into an absolute clickbait and parody. I stated only that it 'Adds AE86 to the game', but nothing else, so a lot of people who didn't watch the video first and trusted the clickbait photoshopped image thought it added a 3D model in the game. Also I asked for donations, but I have not put a donation button anywhere, so I hoped most people will see through this and will take this all as a joke. I did not attempt to solicit the donation system.
Anyway, someone reported me (
and I get this, it's cool that people want this site to be maintained well and without any shitposting), and the Staff was kind enough not to give me any persecutions, just hide my mod until it's properly presented. I respect this community, so now you're looking at a proper mod page. Thank you for reading this))