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Makes fast travelling more dangerous by increasing the number of ambushes and adding new types of enemies.

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  • Mandarin
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Roads are Dangerous
A simple mod to increase the chances of ambushes.
It took me various hours of gameplay to encounter the first ambush on the road, so I decided to make a mod to make those encounters more frequents, thus making the fast travel mechanic more fun for those who like bloodshed. It also affects travelling by foot/horse.
The mod consists of two modules that work both separately or together, they do not interfere with each other's functionality 

Naživu (Alive in czech):

This module will simply make ambushes and other types of battles on the road more frequent

Těžké (Difficult/tough in czech):  

This module will increase the number of enemies of each encounters, aswell as adding new encounters to the game.  The current version adds 3 new encounters: 

Guard Deserters - After the Skalitz attack many guards feared the same would happen in their cities and decided to desert and form a band of bandits.
Berserkers - Big guys followed by their minions. They are tough and big, some superstitious folks say they have giant blood running in their veins.  
Merry Lads - A group of outlaws dressed as nobles that prey on the rich travelling the roads of Bohemia. They aren't very courageous when it comes to big threats and prefer to fight at distance using their bows (some don't even know how to fight with swords).
and a small surprise 

•Go to steam and open the Kingdom Come local files
•Go to Kingdom Come Deliverance\Mods
•Extract the .zip content in there

Feel free to use this mod in your own projects.