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Optimized performance, great FPS, amazing graphics ! No more freezes/stuttering. Running in town is smooth.
Tested on a 8Gb RAM, Core i5 gen4, 2Gb VideoRAM, SSD.
More configuration files have been added for low/high end computer.

Permissions and credits
Ultimate Performance Graphics

-This mod will allow your computer to run smoothly, even in crowded towns. It optimizes performance, show high constant FPS, with medium to high graphics settings ! You will no longer encounter freezes or stuttering.

-Many configuration files have been added for low/high end computer. (like Intel i7 or 16Gb Ram or 4Gb VRam). Please click the "files" tab to find one that suits to your computer.
The standard file is suitable and has been tested on a PC with 8Gb RAM, Core i5 gen4, 3Gb VideoRAM, SSD drive.

-Max fps has been set to 60 in the Standard user.cfg file, but without it i was able to reach 80-120 fps.

-Big Thanks for all your endorsements ! I am happy that my mod helped a lot of you !


Requires Kingdom Come : Deliverance version 1.2 or +


-Click properties on the link to your KC:D and add
-heapsize 1572864 +exec user.cfg
for example
"C:\Steam\Kingdom Come Deliverance\Bin\Win64\KingdomCome.exe" -heapsize 1572864 +exec user.cfg
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance" -heapsize 1572864 +exec user.cfg

Note : 1572864 is for 3-4Gb RAM ; if you have more use 2097152 instead. If you don't know how much RAM you have, you can check it by right-clicking Computer->then select Properties->installed memory
Note : +exec user.cfg will launch the customized file.

-Download and unzip the user.cfg file, copy it to the root of your game folder.
for example
C:\Steam\Kingdom Come Deliverance      or      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance
(or in the mod folder)

Note : If you need to know if you have a core i5 or i7 or AMD processor, you can check it by right-clicking Computer->then select Properties->processor

-Download    BES cpu limit       (thanks for mion /Rinkanali, i hope that they don't mind the link)
Launch your game
Open BES, click the "Target" button, select KingdomCome.exe, select "Limit This", set it to -1% with the slider, click the "Limit/watch" button, click "Yes", click "Close", reduce the BES window.
Enjoy !

-Hint : if you find that one of your CPU is highly used while other aren't, to balance things open windows task manager->processes tab->right click KingdomCome.exe->Set Affinity->untick the most used CPU->ok->right-click again->add the tick back.
I am still trying to do it automatically with CryEngine (user.cfg).

- If you installed an old version of this mod before, remove it first (cf Removal section).

User.cfg (no longer up to date ! please download the file instead)



-- Mouse Smoothing, Acceleration and Sensitivity
i_mouse_smooth = 0
i_mouse_accel = 0

-- CPU
sys_physics_CPU=3 -- Specifies the physical CPU index physics will run on
r_MultiThreaded = 1
-- based on cpu i5 core/thread amount. Please use the optional files if you have i7 or AMD.
sys_job_system_max_worker = 4
sys_main_CPU = 1
sys_streaming_CPU = 2 --physical CPU file IO
e_ParticlesThread = 4

r_fogShadowsWater = 0


r_Beams=1 --Toggles light beams

-- Set based on your Vram, example provided for 2GB
r_TexturesStreamPoolSize = 2048
sys_budget_videomem = 2048

-- Set the amount of system RAM available to the game, example 7GB -> 7000
sys_budget_sysmem = 6900

sys_maxfps = 60
-- uses GPU for physics calculation instead of CPU
r_BatchType = 1

-- SHADOWS (r_FogShadows=volumetric fog)
r_FogShadows = 0
--detail shadows
e_ShadowsPerObject = 0
-- 256(faster), 512(medium), 1024(better quality)

; === GRASS ===
--visual range of grass, ultra=80, all sliders to the right=100, 67=4

-- default size is 24MB which is not enough (J.H. - Vladimir suggests 512). Render mesh cache size
e_StreamCgfPoolSize = 256

-- Level of Detail - fixed missing grass & meshes
e_MergedMeshesOutdoorOnly = 1


Remove user.cfg from the directory


v1.5          Added a file from dfile for Kingdom Come v1.5
v1.06Better CPU loadbalancing. Enhanced/tweaked shading, anisotropy, antialiasing, lightning, volumetric, shadow, texture. All commands have been checked in the tilde (²) console.
v1.04        Raised e_StreamCgfPoolSize. Added additional notes (heapsize, cursor, SLI/Crossfire fps boost, HD Texture, Shading fps boost). Added a video at Rattay.
v1.02Removed the settings to disable SLI, skip intro, hide/show HUD, commands for system.cfg. Standard set to 2GB VRAM to avoid possible crash for those who don't read the file description.
v1.0   All commands have been checked in the tilde (²) console.

Additional notes

About heapsize :
Source :
Source : (some says it works, some say it doesn't)
Source :       "I can assure you that it DOES. When I remove the line my fps drops an average of 10 frames, and game studders."

Cursor settings (the dot in the middle)
wh_ui_ShowCursor 0 -- get rid of the dot
wh_pl_showfirecursor = 1 -- dot for bow only

Hide HUD : bind 3 "g_showHUD 0"
Show HUD : bind 4 "g_showHUD 1"

SLI and CrossFire :
r_MultiGPU = 1 --1 it enables multi-GPU support for SLI and Crossfire; if set to 2 it attempts to auto-detect
check this link too :

HD textures: you need at least 3Gb VRam

Shading :
! Warning ! Do not use with Athlon x2 !
Use it only if you really need fps, because when i tried it there was lightning on some walls instead of shadows.
e_svoTI_Active = -1

Video for another mod, which explains how to install my mod :

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