Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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Allows you to use Halberds (Polearms) as primary weapons.

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People kept asking, so here it is, at least so long as Warhorse doesn't disable it. Warhorse, don't go and sell us DLC that does what this simple mod already accomplishes, kk?

What this mod does:
- Exposes the Experience Bar on your Polearms weapon proficiency, which is normally hidden (but you always gain exp with Polearms with or without this mod).
- Turns Polearms into Primary Weapons instead of Oversized Weapons, which means they can be equipped, repaired, sold, stored, and whatever else you like.
- Allows Polearms to be used both 2-handed and 1-handed with a shield, both on foot, and on horseback.

Weapon mods are really easy in this game.
I didn't originally upload this because I wanted to encourage people to learn how to mod the game on their own but I'm realizing the general need for the mod at the moment is greater than the need for more modders.

NOTE: It's been brought to my attention that AI will generally no longer use Halberds against you, as their AI will prefer the swords/axes/maces that they also carry. It's not so much that they can no longer use polearms, it's that their AI instructs them to use something else. I'm not an AI programmer so I'm having issues resolving this but will be looking for alternatives to correct this issue. Enemies who have no other primary weapons will still use polearms, but those cases are rare.

Art credit: Guillaume Menuel