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Modsmith is an automated framework for building and packaging mods.

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Modsmith is an automated framework for building and packaging redistributable mods. Modsmith allows you to focus on your projects, improves your productivity, and reduces the time and effort required to update your mods after major game patches.


  • Automatically packages Kingdom Come: Deliverance v1.3+ mods for distribution
  • Merges modified XML tables with vanilla XML tables at package time
  • Generates zero-byte TBL files as needed at package time

Using Modsmith

1. To use Modsmith, you will need to structure your mod project similar to the example below:

2. Inside the project folder (e.g., E:\projects\kingdomcome\More Perks), there should be a Data folder and/or a Localization folder. Modsmith also supports Data-only mods and Localization-only mods (e.g., translations.)

3. The mod.manifest file should be placed in the root of the project path.

4. The hierarchy for each folder should imitate the hierarchy needed for your mod (e.g., Localization\french_xml.) If you've created mods for Kingdom Come: Deliverance before, this process should already be familiar to you.

5. Ensure that your XML files contain ONLY the rows your mod adds or changes. With Modsmith, it is no longer necessary to work on massive XML files to create mods. When your mod is packaged, Modsmith will generate new XML files in the Build folder that combine your merged rows with the rows you didn't alter. This allows you to keep your data isolated, focus on your project, and reduce the time and effort required to update your mod when game patches are released.

6. Run Modsmith with the appropriate command-line arguments.


Before running Modsmith, you will need to edit modsmith.conf. Don't worry! There is only one setting.

# configuration file for modsmith

Path = C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance

Change the value of Path to wherever you installed Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It must be the game's root path!


There are three command-line arguments:

  • -p / --project: This is the absolute path to the root of your project (e.g., E:\projects\kingdomcome\More Perks.)

  • -d / --data-package: This is the file name of the data PAK file (e.g., More Perks.pak.)

  • -r / --redist: This is the file name of the redistributable ZIP file (e.g., More Perks.zip.)

Example Projects

More Perks is a good example of how Modsmith projects are structured and what their XML files contain (GitHub). I use Modsmith to build and update Easy Lockpicking, More Perks, the three versions of Better Trainers, and the two versions of Unleveled Perks.

Other Examples

Example Usage

I'll present this example as though you've never used a command-line program before:

cd "C:\Modsmith"
modsmith -p "E:\projects\kingdomcome\More Perks" -d "More Perks.pak" -r "More Perks.zip"

Example Output

Modsmith will generate folders and files in the Build folder in your project root.

What do you see?

  • There is a Build folder, and there is a More Perks subfolder in the Build directory. This subfolder is named after the mod, using the file name (without the extension) passed to Modsmith with the -r argument.

  • Inside this folder are the Data and Localization folders, which replicate the structure of the project.

  • There is a PAK file in the Data folder, using the file name (without the extension) passed to Modsmith with the -d argument. This PAK file contains all the files in Libs\Tables\rpg.

  • In the Libs\Tables\rpg folder, there are TBL and XML files. The zero-byte TBL files were generated automatically. Currently, you need these for XML mods to work. These XML files are the product of the packaging process. Compare them with your own in the project Data folder and you'll see that while your XML files contain only your modified rows, the XML files in the Build folder contain both your modified rows and all other rows.

  • There is a PAK file in the Localization folder. Note that Modsmith can generate localization XML files and PAKs for multiple languages simultaneously.

  • Finally, there is a redistributable ZIP file in the root of the Build path. This ZIP contains only the files necessary for players to install your mod (i.e., folders and PAKs.) You can immediately upload this ZIP to the Nexus, or extract the ZIP to your own Mods folder for testing.

Contributing/Issues/Source Code

Modsmith is available on GitHub at: github.com/fireundubh/modsmith.

If you don't want to run the executable, you can run Modsmith from the Python 3 source code. More details at GitHub.

If you'd like to contribute, pull requests are welcome. Please submit issues on GitHub only.