Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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Add new gear and Replace texture for an armor set, a caparison and a shield

Permissions and credits
The new version :

Add new set of armor and a shield, you can buy it at the armorer of Rattay (but wait for the store to restock, it take just one day with this: mod). The caparison and the gauntlets don't work so for now i have kept the texture replacement just for these two equipment so look at the 2nd picture to see what stuff that change and where got it.

Important: there is two version, GOLD and SILVER can't be use at the same time !

Compatibility: notice this mod use: armor.xml, clothing.xml, equippable_item.xml, item.xml, pickable_item.xml, player_item.xml, shop_type2item.xml, clothing_raycast.xml, melee_weapon.xml, weapon.xml, English_xml.pack and French_xml.pack so that will conflict with any other mod that makes the same changes (if you got an other mod that change these files, i advise to take the replacement texture version)

Install: to install this mod just extract the file in your KingdomComeDeliverance/Mods folder, create a mods folder if you don't have it
Uninstall: just delete the file Holy_Sepulchre_Gear_v0.8  in your Mods folder

Credit: Thank you very much to LAMPIESTLAMP
 for teaching to me how to do to add my textures as a new equipments !

The replace texture version :

 it replace pieces of armor, a caparison and a shield. Look at the 2nd picture to see what stuff that change.

Install: to install this mod place the .pak file in KingdomComeDeliverance\Data folder and in KingdomComeDeliverance\Data\_fastload folder.

Find: You can buy the pieces of armor at the armorer of Rattay and Sasau,the shield is sell by all the blacksmith and the caparison to the horse salesman of NeuhofTips: you can find most piece of the armor (like the helmet) on the soldiers at the arena of Merhojed.

Uninstall: just delete the .pak file in the Data and _fastload folder.