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Compatible with v1.6.2. Instantly unlock and open locked doors and stashes at your skill level, and attempt more difficult locks through the minigame. NEW: Previously opened stashes are now marked as "searched" and previously unlocked stashes can be opened with a single key press.

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With Easy Lockpicking, you can instantly unlock and open locked doors and stashes at your Lockpicking skill level, and attempt more difficult locks through the minigame.

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  1. Download the file.
  2. Navigate to wherever you installed Kingdom Come: Deliverance.
  3. Create a Mods folder in the game's root path. It should be at the same level as Data, Engine, Localization, etc.
  4. Extract the contents of the ZIP file into your Mods folder.
  5. Play the game.


  • Pick locks as normal.
  • If you have the requisite skill and lockpicks, locked doors and stashes will simply unlock and open.
  • If you encounter a more difficult lock, you can attempt to pick that lock through the minigame.


Instant Unlock Requirements

These are the new requirements for instant unlock.

What's new? Very Easy now encompasses Lock Level 6, which is the level of the training chest. Accordingly, there are now more Very Easy locks, but this is consistent with the developer's intent, if we assume Miller Peshek's training chest should be pickable while unskilled.

Breakable Lockpicks

As of v1.8, lockpicks are required. Lockpicks will break based on your Lockpicking skill. At level 0 and 1, you have a 90% chance to break a lockpick after successfully picking a lock. At level 20, you have a 0% chance to break a lockpick. When a lockpick breaks, an inaudible pulse will be emitted at the location of the door or stash, alerting any nearby NPCs to your activities. (Temporarily disabled.)

Lockpicking XP Formula

As of v1.9, the XP formula matches vanilla exactly. Thanks to Warhorse developer Bart.

XP = RPG.LockPickingSuccessXPMulCoef * (lockDifficulty + 1) / (RPG.LockPickingSuccessXPDivCoef * skillLevel + 1)

In addition, Stealth XP is rewarded for picking locks, derived from RPG.LockPickingStealthXP.

Remember Searched Stashes

As of v1.9.4, when stashes are opened, they are marked as "searched" in the UI.

Compatibility Notes


Fully compatible with Kingdom Come v1.6.x


  • Loot Info: Load Easy Lockpicking after Loot Info

Changed Files

Any mod that changes these files is incompatible:

- Data\Scripts\Entities\Doors\AnimDoor.lua
- Data\Scripts\Entities\WH\Stash\AnimStash.lua
- Localization\{lang}_xml.pak\text_ui_ingame.xml