Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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Main goal is to make mouse right button more functional

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Now you can forget about using  Esc/BackSpace during the game.
Added line into the section "Controls" of the game menu named "Exit to main menu" which is controlled by  Esc/BackSpace buttons and allows you to exit ONLY into the main menu from the game's window and nothing more at all.

To control "Abort/Exit" now appointed right mouse button and all functions are stay the same as before:
- Skip Intro
- close the Help screen
- abort cutscene
- close inventory, map
- skip dice, reading, sitting, dialog, trade, alchemy, lockpicking, minigames, etc.,
  I do not remember all of them, just check out some screens and video tab (thanks to @THYWORM)

No need to remember all the actions: the screen icon will prompt you which action can be used with MRB.
There are two options:

  when you need to click to carry out the action 
  when you have to hold


1. Create "Mods" folder in the root directory of the game  if it still not exist.
2. Unpack archive, choose your language and paste folder "More functions for mouse right button" into the "Mods" folder.

Localizations are available:
- English  
- Russian 
- German (thanks to @ Black Widowmaker)
- Italian (thanks to @ mic1493)
- Chinese
- French (thanks to @ Keniyaren)
- Czech (thanks to @ JXP)


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