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Makes arrows more realistic and faster

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This mods makes arrows more fun to use than vanilla, by making them fly a lot further and faster, which is way more realistic than those slow arrows.

Unfortunately, by making the arrows faster, it will also do more damage, so there are alternate versions of the mod, the higher the "thrust" variable, the faster and the more damage.

The "only gravity" version only changes the gravity of the arrow, so It will still fly further, but with vanilla speed and damage.


To install, simply unrar the downloaded .rar file and put the zzz_fastarrows.pak file into the C:\Program Files
(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance\Data folder
To uninstall simply remove the .pak file again.


To customize the speed and gravity yourself, open the arrow.xml file in the zzz_fastarrows.pak file and edit these underlined values:
<param name="gravity" value="0, 0, -4.0" /> Changes the gravity of the arrow, the higher the further it will fly. (Can even fly upwards on positive values lol)
<param name="thrust" value="0" /> This changes the speed and the damage of the arrow. The higher, the further/more damage


For more realism I recommend the remove those stupid trails mod by Zaatch.

Also highly recommended is the Bow dot reticle modby FoX_D3ff3nd3R

For another customized version of the arrow behaviour, check out Archery - Realistic arrow flight by digdug


If you like this mod, please consider endorsing it :)

I hope you like it,