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This mod sets the graphics extremely low, allowing you to run KC:D on older graphics cards with less RAM/VRAM, as well as making the game run on higher FPS on cards that don't meet the recommended specs

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- This mod sets the graphical fidelity of KC:D extremely low, allowing you to run it on weak/old/integrated graphics cards with otherwise insufficient amount of RAM and/or VRAM, as well as making the game run on higher framerates on cards that don't quite meet the recommended specs for the game

- Resolution is brute forced to HD (1280x720) and VSync is turned off. If you want to change that, you can edit these values on the bottom of the file using notepad. The individual graphical settings could be easily set to even lower, however with values in this mod the game remains playable and somewhat reasonable looking. By changing the values in the mod file (or simply just by deleting individual lines of the file) you can easily bring the look of the game back up, closer to normal "Low" settings.  For example, deleting the line "e_clouds = 0" brings back the clouds at the cost of just a few FPS. Or if you want to spare a bit of performance for antialiasing, you can simply change r_AntiAliasingMode from 0 to 1. 

- Please note that because of the AI system, KC:D is very demanding on CPU as well. This mod only helps with the load on your graphics card and RAM, so your performance might still be throttled by your CPU (especially in populated areas)

- This mod works on versions 1.3 and higher

- Using this mod I was able to bring the framerate of the game on Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 in the main menu scene to 138 FPS and on Intel NUC computer with integrated Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580 to 37 FPS. Feel free to share FPS on your graphics card in the comments

- Known issue: Since this mod hides all merged meshes (grass etc.), unfortunately it also hides all the herbs. The only workaround is to turn the merged meshes back on, which will cost some performance. You can do this by changing the value of e_MergedMeshes from "0" to "1" in the autoexec.cfg.

Installation - Simply put "autoexec.cfg" into the root folder of the game (e.g Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance) and then run the game.