Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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A wooden retexture of the menus. Made completely from scratch.

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Wooden Menus
by Ruddy88

I have now released a collection of 8 different menu replacer textures to choose from (and will probably add more).
I have uploaded them all to a new mod page: RuddysMenus - Collection of Menu Replacers
These are all more simplified and have sharper textures.
I will leave this mod up as the original, as it does feature more embellishments than the new ones (such as the wood plank dividers).

This mod completely retextures the menus in the game for a simpler, wooden theme.
I found the original vanilla menu's to be a little too extravagant, especially for a peasant like Henry.
This menu "overhaul" changes the in game menu as well as some popup menus and merchant menus.
I have also made small adjustments to the scroll bars and will continue with small UI improvements for a simpler feel.

This mod does not CHANGE the placement of any icons so everything will be found in the same place as vanilla.
As such, it also does not change any game files other than the various textures.

NOTE: The game actually uses a modular menu system. I have taken great care to include as many as I can, and am almost certain I have gotten them all.
However, If you come across any menu's that seem to be clashing or see any kind of funny business at all, please report it to me in the comments or bugs section so I can fix them.

Download the ZIP file, extract its contents.
Copy the included .PAK file to your games DATA folder.

Simply delete the .PAK file.

This mod is compatibly with all mods that dont touch the same files.
This mod will work fine with UI menus that just change the HUD.
So far, the only known incompatible mod is SilverUI by Silverado

This mod was inspired by Silverado's Silver UI mod.
All files were created by myself using royalty free images, mostly from Sketchlab, on Photoshop.

Read permission tab for permission info.

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Clouds seen in map are form my other mod: Real Clouds - Fog of War