Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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Adds a set of black clothing for stealth oriented characters, doesn't replace any existing clothing

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  • Mandarin
What's this?

It's a set of black clothing - Boots, Hose, Chausses, Gloves, Doublet, Short Doublet, Pourpoint, Coif, two Tunics, a Cotehardie, Hooded Scarf, Short-sleeved Pourpoint, and Two Hoods (up)
It's made using in-game assets, but with unique item ID's, so it shouldn't interact with or effect any other armor in the base game.

Where do I get it?

All tailors should sell it, if you can't see it in their shop, try waiting a day or two for the inventories to reset.


Extract the .7z to your base game directory (/steamapps/common/KingdomComeDeliverance if you're using the steam version)
Hit yes to the prompt to replace files when asked (This is just for the localization file containing item names and descriptions)
That ought to be all.


Without the use of a mod merger, this mod will conflict with any other that makes changes to; armor.xml, armor2clothing_attachment.xml, clothing.xml, equippable_item.xml, item.xml, pickable_item.xml, player_item.xml, shop_type2item.xml, English_xml.pack, and quite possibly any that change textures.

With the use of a mod merger, this is theoretically (untested) compatible with everything, barring some act of god like another author generating the same UUID's.


Thank you very much to DoZR for the Russian translation, hope I didn't butcher it too much.
Thanks to CNY92 for the German translation!
Thanks to MourningCoffee for letting me use data from Black Hoods Up.
Props to RayLin86 for the Chinese translation.

Files/Lines changed for people looking to merge mods manually

Lines Added;

armor.xml                                                796-810*    
armor2clothing_attachment.xml        436-440*
clothing.xml                                            413-427*
equippable_item.xml                             966-980*
item.xml                                                  2053-2067*
pickable_item.xml                                 2054-2068*
player_item.xml                                     1959-1973*

shop_type2item.xml                            1539-1553*

text_ui_items                                         2553-2582*

Item ID's
458e591a-04bb-4d26-b423-7583a917e5ac Boots
a60b5356-6dc6-4a74-95d8-06d79171b23c Doublet
54402326-77de-4f45-bf3e-c51d063c5fa0 Hose
ee3b0458-5f7f-4849-ae11-75d11930206d Gloves
0f7fe693-40b2-4763-864b-633dbdd74b0b Pourpoint
fbe3eea6-4343-444a-bde0-6afd8dedac56 Chausses
6f7b7587-4d84-4f42-8005-d2cf9a782125 Coif
bdf90257-e4ff-4462-adc8-7f1053f1e5d1 Doublet (short)
7e51a53f-048a-4176-91a6-ef484e7f9306 Cotehardie
3d50f925-b29c-4606-b3f9-aa67f12e42ec Tunic (long)        
9877b784-8d55-4ff0-9ad4-7ca3602d0bb6 Tunic (short)        
17e1b4ea-9bae-4f98-9817-dafff8a901e0 Cowl
80ca1505-a8f0-424d-b31a-388ea69110f6 Pourpoint (short sleeve)            
2baff7fe-1acd-4aaf-ab27-ec5e7dec7166 Hood (□)
9b9dd1c7-c38a-40b7-a6a1-556fb8aa56a2 Hood (▽)